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The latest summer fashion trend for 2013 – Monochrome

Black and white monochrome bodycon dress with frills by Forever Unique

Black and white monochrome bodycon dress with frills by Forever Unique

Unfortunately there is little we can change about the horrible weather in the UK by moaning about it, but we can cheer ourselves up by looking fabulous!  I can feel a bit silly wondering about in this murky grey in a summer floral dress, but I can look just as summery and stylish in one of the hottest summer fashion trends – colour blocking monochrome.  Indeed, the spring and summer catwalks 2013 have been dominated by a bold glare of black and white monochrome prints incorporating stripes, zebra print, polka dots and big blocks of black and white.  This is a timeless trend with roots harking back to the 1960’s mod era; the trend has now undergone a modern twist and has been endorsed by celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles, Rhianna, Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton but to name a few.

There are so many reasons why I love monochrome, mainly because there is something very clean and simple about a black and white ensemble, giving the impression of modern, powerful self-assuredness, whilst still remaining elegant, sophisticated and not too overbearing.  Monochrome is also such an easy trend to wear, so it is no problem finding it in shops in all seasons, and it will never go out of fashion (and believe me, fashion waits for no-one, so it’s brilliant to be able to have a good solid staple style in the wardrobe!).  It’s also great for plus size ladies, as the black minimizes the areas you want to hide, and the white enhances the areas you wish to show off.  Another big tick in the monochrome style box is that it transcends seasons, so it is a great transitional trend which will take us seamlessly from summer into autumn and beyond.

Stunning black tie monochrome summer silk floaty maxi dress

Stunning black tie monochrome summer silk floaty maxi dress

So how do I wear monochrome?

Monochrome can be a single coloured black or white dress and you can contrast the black or white with the opposing colour for your accessories.  Alternatively, you get the best of both worlds and combine both colours together in one dress with a gorgeous print or with dazzling, bold blocks of colour.

How do I accessorize monochrome?

The key is that if you are going for a monochrome look, stick to monochrome only.  Adding an extra colour with your accessories can lessen the whole effect.  Instead, stick with black or white accessories and shoes.  If you are going for a one colour, completely black or white dress, go for the opposing colour for your accessories to break it up a bit.  If you go for the same colour for the accessories you can be in danger of your outfit looking too black or too white.  Likewise, go for an opposing colour bag so it doesn’t blend in too much with the outfit, and it will give a nice little colour break to your ensemble.  Another look I love if you are going for a plain black or white dress is to add zebra print, stripes or polka dot accessories into the mix.  Again, try to make sure that these accessories are predominantly in the opposing colour.

If your dress has both black and white, match the accessory colour to the colour which is least reflected in the dress.  Another piece of advice when it comes to accessories is not to mix the colours of the accessories too much (e.g. a white necklace and black earrings), particularly if you have a dress with both colours as it can be a bit too much for the eye and can look a bit messy.

Monochrome black and white disc fascinator - perfect for Ladies Day at the Races!

Monochrome black and white disc fascinator – perfect for Ladies Day at the Races!

If you are going to the races, don’t forget to complete your monochrome look with a daring and sophisticated hat or fascinator for a real Audrey Hepburn kind of look.

How should I wear my makeup with a monochrome outfit?

I believe that as black and white gives a very clean, bold effect, bold makeup looks fabulous with it.  Dash a nice, thick black line with some liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid with a flick at the corners of the eyes and use an eye pencil for the inner rim of your lower eyelid.  Being a fan of false eyelashes, I recommend a pair of these also for a dramatic look.  I also love red or pink lipstick to finish off a monochrome outfit, remember, the look is bold, so don’t be shy when it comes to the lip colour!

Ladies Day at Sussex County Cricket Club

The judging panel for best hat - left to right, Denise Cobb, Mayor of Brighton and Jim May, Chairman of SCCC, Leah, Walk in Waradrobe

The judging panel for best hat – left to right, Denise Cobb, Mayor of Brighton and Jim May, Chairman of SCCC, Leah, Walk in Waradrobe

I was lucky enough to be invited to Ladies Day at Sussex County Cricket Ground to be on the judging panel with the Mayor of Brighton and Hove Denise Cobb and the Chairman of the Cricket Club, Jim May for a time honored tradition, the best hat competition.  The event, which took place on Friday 19th July 2013 was a truly glamorous event, with stunning dresses and the most extravagant hats and fascinators.  It was fantastic to see so much glamour under one roof, and all for a good cause – the Rockinghorse Appeal.

At the event, guests were truly pampered with a complimentary 15 minute beauty taster treatment by the newly launched Spa at the Grand Hotel, Brighton and celebrity favorite jewellery designers Stella and Dot were showing off their fabulous jewellery.  There were also some fabulous prizes up for grabs, including champagne afternoon tea for two at one of my favourite places to socialize in Brighton, Bohemia Grand Cafe and Late Lounge.

Thank you to Fiona and the events company Midnight Communications, for putting on such a fabulous event, we are looking forward to next year!  Thank you also to Stephen Lawrence, the professional photographer who took some fantastic shots at the event.  Please visit his website here:

If you are interested in attending Ladies Day at the Cricket Club next year, please  call 0844 264 0202.

All photographs by Stephen Lawrence



A hundred shades of pink – perfect colours for summer dresses!

Pink is a hot fashion trend for the summer, and don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to look like a Barbie doll!  Pink is one of those colours which is extremely varied, including shades of baby pink, dusky pink and hot pink.  With all the different shades and hues, it would be impossible not to find a shade that works for you!  Pink dresses are: fresh, summery, pretty, soft and feminine and are perfect for a wide variety of events such as parties, prom, black tie events, bridesmaids and mother of the bride.

Long pink dresses

Stunning light pink low back dress by Forever Unique, perfect for black tie events or the red carpet!

Stunning light pink low back dress, perfect for black tie events or the red carpet!

1920's Great Gatsby style cerise pink beaded dress

1920’s Great Gatsby style cerise pink beaded dress

Long pink dresses have been in real demand for prom this year.  This is particularly understandable because of their girly, fresh, summery shades.  However, don’t feel that pink dresses are only appropriate for young ladies going to prom.  Pastel pinks can give a whimsical and feminine look for a black tie event and a hot pink can give a daringly stylish look.

Light pink long dress pictured right:  this pale pink dress is a timeless classic with a gorgeous, bead embellished low back.  A subtle front slit gives you that touch of sexiness whilst still remaining classy and elegant!

Fuchsia pink dress pictured to the left:  This fully beaded cerise pink dress has a true touch of the 1920’s Great Gatsby style about it and gives a look of bold femininity, a guaranteed head turner!

Floaty dusky pink and leopard print one shoulder dress

Floaty dusky pink and leopard print one shoulder dress

Dusty pink chiffon and leopard print dress pictured far left: this dress is gorgeously whimsical, modern and floaty, a perfect blend of feminine colours with a bit or ‘roar’ from the animal print!  This dress has gorgeous, sparkly beading on the waist and on the shoulder.

We also have a few show stopping (and very cheap!) big pink ball gowns with stunning embellishments.  This style is particularly suitable for proms.  If you would rather have a more subtle prom dress but nevertheless want all the ‘wow’ of a classic ballgown, you could go for one of our pink fishtail gowns, which will give you that much sought after hourglass figure.

Short pink dresses

Burlesque style dusty pink feather mini dress with jeweled bodice

Burlesque style dusty pink feather mini dress with jeweled bodice

I really love short pink dresses as they are flirty and feminine, with the added bonus of giving you the opportunity to show off a pair of fabulous shoes!

This gorgeous little feather dress pictured right also has a touch of the 1920’s style and would be fantastic for a burlesque style night, but it would also make a gorgeous party dress.  This stunning mini dress has a heavily beaded bodice, an ultra fun mini feather skirt and also has that much sought after corset back for a great fit.

Pink and black pencil dress with matching jacket, perfect for mother of the bride or for ladies day!

Pink and black pencil dress with matching jacket, perfect for mother of the bride or for ladies day!

This gorgeous light pink pencil dress pictured left is perfect for ladies day or mother of the bride.  This dress and jacket set is a gorgeous soft baby pink with gorgeous black embellishments for a very modern look.  This dress would look perfect with black accessories!

This season is all about the feminine, and what better colour to do it in than pink?




Reasons why hiring dresses has become such a big fashion trend

Stunning low back sequinned hire dress, perfect for a black tie event

Stunning low back sequinned hire dress, perfect for a black tie event and prom!

For us ladies, idealistic fashion can be a difficult thing to obtain, especially if you have to work within your monthly budget.  Unfortunately we ladies can be left in the position where we have spent lots of money on a designer dress, but we don’t want to be seen in the same dress twice.  This happens especially if you are lucky enough to have a close circle of friends with whom you go to the same events with.  If this sounds like you, then I’m sure you are no stranger to the sad feeling when you open the wardrobe to see an expensive dress hanging there which you will probably never wear again.  As this is an issue which affects many women, there has been an increasing trend of renting dresses for black tie events, weddings and proms, and we are proud to be one of the first companies on the South Coast to offer a professional hiring service.  Here are just some of the benefits of hiring a dress:

Fashion is ever changing

The world of fashion has always been a bit fickle.  What is in vogue one day may not be a week later.  As we strive to stay on the ‘what’s in fashion’ pulse, so our rental dresses are always in style, so you can feel rest assured that you are always stylish and that you are not letting thousands of pounds go to waste from purchasing dresses!  Going on from this, as fashion is so fast and styles can fall out of fashion favour, the more you wear a dress, the more the value of the garment could deplete, rendering the thousands of pounds you spend on dresses worthless.

No problem with storage

Not everyone has a special occasion to go to on a regular basis and so, if you are buying many dresses for different events, you will be surprised at how cluttered your wardrobe can get!  Gone are the days when wedding dresses are handed down from mother to daughter, daughters now tend to prefer to choose their own dress, and if you opt for a flamboyant, large wedding dress, it is unlikely that you will wear it again, so storing the dress can become a problem.

The designer look for a fraction of the cost

Gorgeous wedding dress with lace back, available to rent

Gorgeous wedding dress with lace back, available to rent

For formal events or Ladies Day, you really don’t want to sacrifice quality and purchase on the high street.  Due to the fact that designer dresses have a superior quality to high street dresses, the price naturally goes up, so it can get quite expensive!  We offer fabulous designer dresses which are from top quality brands such as Catwalk Collection, Forever Unique, Dynasty and Hybrid, but to name a few.  We also hire out the majority of our wedding dresses.  Renting your wedding dress will be far cheaper than purchasing it, which means that you utilise the extra cash for that extra special honeymoon!

You can try before you buy

At our boutique we also sell our dresses as well as hire them out.  If you have hired a dress from us and fall in love with it on the night (this situation seems to occur on many occasions!), you can buy the dress after your rental and we will take the rental fee off of the purchase fee.

You don’t have to worry about the cleaning

Cleaning delicate dresses can be a bit of a chore, but if you hire a dress from us, the cleaning costs are included in the hire price, so that’s another thing off your mind!

Hire a dress from anywhere in the UK

We do not limit our customers by location and offer an online hiring service.  Please visit our website for more information about how to hire a dress from us here.

Ladies Day at Sussex County Cricket Ground 19-07-13

The summer social calendar this year has been positively bursting with Ladies Day events, and WiW HQ are particularly excited about the upcoming Ladies Day at Sussex County Cricket Ground on Friday 19th July.  Tickets are £70 and include ALL drinks AND a three-course meal, or just £35 if you want to do a cash bar; if that’s not a complete steal, I don’t know what is!  This promises to be a fantastically entertaining and glamorous day, including complimentary taster spa treatments and some fabulous raffle prizes, such as a champagne afternoon tea for two at Bohemia Grand Cafe in Brighton.  The fun doesn’t just stop here, there are some undisclosed surprises (which certainly intrigues me!) and also a slave-for-a-day charity auction, which features some of Sussex’s most well respected business people!

So what to wear?  Ladies day’s are traditionally fashionable, theatrical yet sophisticated and elegant.  Ladies day really is the day where you can take your chance to have some fun with fashion and really step out of your comfort zone.

Ladies day pink and black dress with matching jacket

Ladies day pink and black dress with matching jacket

The dress

As ladies days are all about the ladies, we understand that the task of finding the right dress for these ‘all eyes on you’ events can be a little daunting.  Fortunately, our team of in-house stylists are well versed in dressing ladies for their ladies day events and will know what outfit will suit your shape.  We will also keep in mind your personality and will help you find a dress that you not only look great in, but also feel comfortable in (comfort is a MUST as you will be in the dress for the whole day!).  The style pictured right is a particularly appropriate dress for a ladies day.  This European, designer dress is a truly unique dress with it’s luxurious black lace over a gorgeous dusky pink, giving you a fresh, modern look yet also an air of elegance and chic.  The matching jacket is a perfect addition, ensuring that you won’t be caught cold when the party goes on into the evening!

Dramatic and elegant hat for Ladies Day

Dramatic and elegant hat for Ladies Day

The hat or fascinator

A hat or fascinator will be your crowning glory, so this is your chance to really indulge yourself, take a fashion risk and go completely over the top with your head gear!  For Ladies Day at the Sussex County Cricket Ground the hat is particularly important as there is a Best Hat Competition!  We have a wide range of dramatic and elegant hats at the boutique, so not only will you will truly be spoilt for choice, most importantly, you will certainly be in with a good chance of winning this competition!

Keep your eyes on the blog next week for my report on Ladies Day at Sussex County Cricket Grounds!

Walk in Wardrobe are also offering a special discount for ticket holders for this event, please visit our events page for more details!

Tickets for Ladies Day at the Sussex County Cricket Ground can be purchased online at or over the telephone on 0844 264 0202.


Work Experience at Walk in Wardrobe 2013

I’ve never really known exactly what prom dress I would like for my prom until I started my work experience at Walk In Wardrobe. The choices of dresses that this unique boutique provides beats any other dress shop in Brighton and Hove.  They have short dresses, long dresses, midi dresses, pencil dresses, maxi dresses and many other styles which you cannot find anywhere else apart from Walk In Wardrobe. I now know exactly what dress I would like for my prom next year; a backless, floor-length, long sleeved garment which has been inspired by the dresses at Walk In Wardrobe.

Thanks to my work experience here, I now fully understand how a boutique is run and what efforts are needed to create a successful business.  I have seen Katie make many different sales to many different customers, and as different events pop up, the sales are only going to increase.  From what I have experienced, customers feel very comfortable whilst choosing a dress for whatever event they are going to, and if a customer needs help, there is always somebody to help them out, and I was pleased to also have the chance to help out customers whilst on my work experience.  I have enjoyed this factor a lot as I love to see customers with a smile on their face and knowing that you have made them feel happy and special in their new dress.  I am also always intrigued as to what the customer will look like in the dress that they have chosen.

Another factor I have loved about doing my work experience here is that I have taken part in different photo shoots, taking images of different products that need to be listed on the Walk in Wardrobe website.  I loved this part as I had access to the exclusive photo studio in the basement part of the boutique which gave me the opportunity to take professional images.  I have learnt a lot from taking these types of photos and I now know how to present different items of clothing to potential customers browsing on the internet.  I also feel that I have been trusted with this type of equipment and that I have received  a lot of respect since working at Walk In Wardrobe.

By doing my work experience at Walk in Wardrobe, I have learnt a lot about the world of work that I didn’t know before and it has made me eager to start working as soon as possible.  Overall, I have loved my work experience here and am very thankful to both Katie and Leah for helping me with the whole experience and making me feel very welcome.

Written by Grace from Cardinal Newman

The backless dress is back at Walk in Wardrobe

Stunning celebrity backless dress, available at the boutique in Royal Blue.

Stunning celebrity backless dress, available at the boutique in Royal Blue.

The most popular look at The Oscars 2013 was definitely the backless dress.  Top celebrities such as Renee Zellweger wowed the crowds with a subtle, elegant-yet-sexy flash of skin, bringing the backless to the forefront of style.  The backless dress is a perfect prom dress, party dress, black tie event dress, and of course, the perfect red carpet dress.  Walk in Wardrobe are thrilled to be able to bring back one of our bestselling backless dresses, giving you the chance to get that red carpet look for yes, you’ve guessed it, a fraction of the cost!

Our customers who have been looking for backless dresses have many questions with regards to underwear, accessories, etc.  We would like to share some of our tips with you to ensure that you can bring the sexy back when wearing your glamorous backless dress.

Accessories to go with a backless dress.

With a statement dress like a backless dress, you don’t need to many accessories as the dress will do most of the talking for you!  Opt for a sparkly hair tiara or hair band, some simple dangly earrings and a nice glitzy bangle to offset the look.  As many backless dresses do not have a plunging neckline, you can also wear a necklace in reverse with a single long dangle and a bit of sparkle so it trails elegantly down your back.

How should I wear my hair with a backless dress?

I am a firm believer that if you are wearing a backless dress you should be showing off your back!  If you want to show off your back fully, wear your hair totally up in a tight bun for a high end, elegant look, or in a messy bun with a few bits of hair trailing down at the front for a sassy, flirty and fun look.  If you really like having your hair down, wear your hair in a half up, half down style, so you can still have your back on show, but have a trickle of gorgeous locks going down your back.  Another favourite of mine if you want to show off your back fully but want to have your whole head of hair down is to have your hair swept over one shoulder and coming down the front of your dress.  I particularly love this look if you have your hair cascading down your shoulder in big, glamorous waves.

The million dollar question:  What bra can I wear with a backless dress?

 You have to be ever so careful when selecting what underwear to wear with your backless dress.  Seeing your usual bra band across your exposed back or wearing a bra with a plastic band is a big no-no.  But fear not!  You still have several options from here:

  1. If you are small busted you can go completely bra-less with a backless dress.  If you are feeling a little exposed, you can carefully apply some adhesive dress tape which is specifically designed to stick to skin and fabric to make you feel a bit more secure.  If you are going bra-less, try to avoid the Anne Hathaway ‘nipple issue’ she had at the Academy Awards by applying plasters, or, if you want a less painful option on removal, you can purchase some silicone gel petals to go over the relevant areas!
  2. If you have a medium sized bust you can opt for an adhesive bra which sticks to your bust.
  3. If you are a busty lady and/or want or need a bit more support, go for a fabulous multiway bra which has a band which will wrap around your tummy with the band sitting low enough so it doesn’t peep over the back of your dress.  Another option is to try Maidenform’s truly revolutionary strapless and backless bra, specifically designed to give you support whilst giving you the ability to wear your backless dress with confidence.

Walk in Wardrobe’s backless dress is available to hire for just £89.99, or to buy at £185.00.

Hot pants are so chic at Walk in Wardrobe!

Black and beige sequin hot pants suit

Black and beige sequin hot pants suit

The ladies of Hove appear to be taking full advantage of this sudden heat wave in and have dug out their hot pants which managed to get stuck at the back of their wardrobes during the prolonged winter.  However, hot pants are not only reserved for everyday wear, you can also wear them out for  a glam evening event.  These jazzy evening hot pants have been dubbed ‘posh pants‘ by fashionistas, and they are fabulous if you want to look modern and sexy on a night out.

What are hot pants?

Hot pants were launched in London by Mary Quant in the 1960’s and grew in popularity during the 1970’s on the disco dance floor.  Hot pants can be typically defined as short shorts and are generally shorter than a mini skirt (but unlike the mini skirt, it has the bonus of not riding up too high and staying in place!).

What’s the difference between hot pants and ‘posh pants’?

Hot pants are generally worn throughout a sunny day and are more casual, whereas posh pants are more elegant, stylish and chic.  They are usually more jazzy than your everyday hot pants being sequinned and or sparkly!

Hot pant outfit at Walk in Wardrobe

It can be intimidating wearing hot pants, but please feel rest assured that we have sourced a fantastic and unique hot pant suit (pictured left), which will make you feel glamorous, sexy and above all classy.  The see through nude coloured top is broken up by gorgeous embellishments of black lace, beads and sequins, and matches perfectly with the high waisted, black sequin shorts.

For a steaming hot look, match this outfit with some sexy, glitzy high heels.  If you are particularly concerned about showing off your legs, team up the hot pant suit with a pair of sheer tights to give you a bit more confidence.

As we don’t know how long the summer will last for in the UK, I suggest you take full advantage of the heat, channel your inner Kylie Minogue, and get yourself some ‘posh pants’.  In our hot pant outfit, we can guarantee that all eyes will be on you, for all the right reasons!

Reasons to love the skater dress

Lace skater dress

Lace skater dress

Skater dresses are fast becoming a staple dress for the summer, and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and fashionistas across the globe are succumbing to the flared skirts and nipped in waists that a skater dress offers.  The skater dress is a modern, fun and flirty alternative to the A-line dress.  The A-line is narrow at the waist, and gently flares out the bottom, giving you (as the name suggests) an A shape.  Skater dresses are similar, but are more defined, with a sharper nipped in waist, is shorter than a traditional A-line dress, and flares out more to give it a shape similar to what an ice skater would wear.  Hence the name!

Are skater dresses flattering?

The only way to answer this is with one word – yes!  The smallest part of any woman is the waist, but this can be hidden with ill fitting or looser clothing.  The skater dress’s simple structure at the bust which goes towards the sharply nipped in waist and comes out to the (usually) full pleated, hip skimming skirt gives the illusion of an hourglass shape.   

Shoes and accessories to wear with a skater dress.

One of the things I love about skater dresses is that they are so versatile.  They can be dressed up for a smart casual event, or can be dressed down as a day dress.  If you are wearing your skater dress for a more formal event, team it up with a pair of heels or a pair of heeled sandals.  Make sure you have lots of sparkly accessories to jazz it up.

If you intending to wear your skater dress as a day dress, you can dress it down with a pair of pumps or chunky shoes or sandals.  If you want to keep a bit warmer in your day time skater dress, you can even add leggings for a more casual look.  For a really cute 1950’s style look, you can team up the dress with some girly, frilly socks (this also adds to the figure-skater feel and will keep your tootsies warm!).  This is a fabulous dress which you can carry on wearing into the autumn time, just add a cardigan for warmth.

Skater dresses at WiW

This beige lace and black skirted skater dress (pictured) has been a fantastic addition to the Walk in Wardrobe range.  This skater dress is slightly dressier than the ones you would find on the high street due to it’s lace bust and lace sleeves.  The skirt of the dress is made out of a gorgeously high quality weighted fabric, meaning that you will be able to walk around confidently even if there is a strong summer breeze!