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Day to evening dresses at Walk in Wardrobe

Time waits for no one, and we have noticed that some of our customers always seem like they have to race against the clock in their busy lives, juggling work, special events (such as weddings) and social events.  At Walk in Wardrobe we are seeking to make your lives just a little bit easier in providing dresses for the day time which will carry you on into the evening time – no more having to dash home to change after work for your evening cocktail event!

Our new day wear range contains day dresses, tops, skirts and jackets to ensure that you look tip top and stylish when you are out and about, and they are chic enough to ensure that you are looking your absolute best when you go on to your event in the evening.  The trick with jam packed social days is to be prepared – pack some twinkly earrings into your bag with a glitzy bangle and add them to your ensemble once your day event is done (adding a touch of instant glamour!).  Don’t forget to bring a small makeup bag to refresh your make-up and some extra Kohl for a glam evening look.

Chic slimline zip front beige dress by Dimare.

Chic slimline zip front beige dress by Dimare.



I couldn’t begin to explain my excitement when this dress (pictured left) arrived at the boutique.  This Italian desk to dinner dress is a particularly streamlining dress with it’s clever panelling and fitted shape.  These simple, elegant colours give you an air of sophistication whilst maintaining a modern look.

A couple of ways to wear this dress:  

In the office – I simply love the idea of wearing this classic dress at the office and I would personally put a little bit of a 1960’s stamp on this dress and wear it with a few simple black accessories such as black heels, a chunky black bangle and some big black stud earrings.  If you wanted to (and had the time to in the mornings), a beehive updo would really complete the whole look – voila!  A classic 1960’s pencil dress ensemble with a modern twist!

In the evening  – Due to the neutral colours in this clever little dress, it is easy to swap over your office jewellery for something more glamorous in the evening.  After work is done simply swap your black accessories for accessories which are gold in colour and whip on some nude heels – this instantly lightens the outfit and gives you a very different look!  If you want to stick with black accessories, just add a sprinkling of glitz into the accessories, such as one of our black sparkly bangles, and you’re ready to go off and enjoy a few cocktails after work.



Dimare shift dress with pink roses

Dimare shift dress with pink roses





This darling little shift dress from Dimare (pictured right) quickly won a place in my heart as one of my favourite dresses we have ever had at the boutique.  With it’s delicate chain and rose embellishment with Swarovski crystal stones at the neckline it’s a real winner if you are going to a wedding and is especially appropriate for a spring wedding with it’s pale pink rose print.  The back of this dress has a gorgeous deep V with a matching chiffon rose back panel and a beautiful little cascade of frills, after all, the back is just as important as the front!

A couple of ways to wear this dress

For a day event – there is quite a lot going on with this dress, so if you are wearing this dress as a wedding guest, stick to minimal accessories.  Don’t worry about wearing a necklace with this embellished neckline as there is a danger that the neckline will look too busy, feel free to opt for a gold coloured, delicate chain bracelet to match the chain on the neck and go for some gold earring studs.  Naturally, add a hat or a fascinator in a neutral tone or in a pale, shell pink to compliment the rose print.  As this dress is so delicate in colour we suggest that you opt for pale beige heels, or if you are going to be walking on grass, some beige wedges (wedges have the dual advantage of being modern and also practical as they are brilliant if you want to avoid that ‘sinking’ feeling!).

For an evening event – in the evening, take the accessories up a slight notch, stick with the nude heels or wedges and add some delicate gold dangly earrings with some sparkly Swarovski crystals to match the stones on the neckline and add a sparkle bracelet.  I would recommend mixing our rose crystal mini bangle with a gold band.

These examples are a mere snippet of the day wear dresses we currently have at the boutique, and we are always adding more!  To shop the full collection visit our website here.