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Elegant and classy black dresses for prom.

This year we have witnessed a growing number of requests for black prom dresses, and it’s easy to see why!  Black prom dresses are: sophisticated, grown up, chic and classy.  In response to this, we have sourced a number of beautiful black prom dresses to ensure that you have the perfect dress for your special night.

Long black prom dresses


One of our hottest selling prom dresses!


Celebrity favourite one shoulder Forever Unique dress

 Long black dresses are always timeless classics.  These two styles are two of the most popular prom dresses at the boutique for several reasons:  both are made from a comfortable stretch jersey which gracefully cascades down to the floor and both have stunning silver beaded embellishments which really stand out against the black fabric.

Left dress:  This is one of my own personal favourites as I am a big fan of the backless dress.  However, this particular dress also has the benefit of intricate straps across the back which can make ladies feel less exposed and a bit more secure.

Right dress:  This dress is a hot celebrity one shoulder favourite by Forever Unique and has been spotted on the red carpet on celebs such as Lucy Meck from TOWIE.  This dress has a gorgeously sassy cutout and slit at the front which adds a touch of sexiness whilst still being classy!

black prom 1

A shimmering, show stopping A-line silver and black ballgown


Elegant and classic fishtail black ballgown with lace and beading







If you want a Cinderella style black ballgown as a prom dress we have a real show stopping black and silver A-line dress (right) which is guaranteed to really turn heads on your prom night!  If this is too much, then you can always rely on the trusty fishtail ballgown (left) to give you a gorgeous shape and a lot of wow.  This particular dress has a truly elegant lace embellishment on the bodice.


Short black prom dresses


Short black feather prom dress with beaded bodice


Black tutu prom dress by Forever Unique



I really love short dresses as it gives me the excuse to show off some fabulous shoes!  These two short black cocktail prom dresses are fun, flirty and cute, and also fabulous if you intend to do a lot of dancing on prom night!

Left: This gorgeous little prom dress has the most stunning beaded bodice, ultra fun mini feather skirt and has that much sought after corset back.

Right:  fun and flirty black tulle prom dress with silver embellishment and sweetheart neckline.

This year, black dresses have really taken the school proms in the UK by storm, and I expect this to be a growing trend as time goes on.  I have had a few concerned customers who have questioned whether it is ok to wear black to a prom, to which I have answered that there are no hard and fast rules.  If a young lady going to prom feels stylish and comfortable in a black dress, then that is the colour she must go for.  After all, if she’s in a colour which she is not comfortable in, she is going to miss out on the most important thing at prom – having fun.

Summer maxi dresses at Walk in Wardrobe

Feminine and utterly gorgeous chiffon maxi dress, perfect for weddings.

Feminine and utterly gorgeous chiffon maxi dress, perfect for weddings.

I don’t think anything says ‘summer goddess’ like a maxi dress does.  My reasoning for this is that they are feminine, chic, comfortable and cool with their flowy, romantic skirts.  We have stocked the most gorgeous designer long maxi dresses this year with the most vivid, colourful designs and fun prints in a dazzling array of bold multi colours such as blue, green, orange, coral and pink (to name a few!).  With all the different designs we have, it would be truly impossible not to find one to your taste or to have too many in your wardrobe!  Below are some of the questions we have been asked when customers have been considering a maxi dress:

Comfortable designer maxi dress for summer cruises - definitely a beach to bar dress!

Comfortable designer maxi dress for summer cruises – definitely a beach to bar dress!

Where can I wear a maxi dress?

Maxi dresses are renowned for their versatility and are fantastic beach to bar dresses.  They can be worn as casual dresses on the beach or around town when shopping.  Our customers have also loved wearing their tropical print maxi dresses on summer cruises and have told us that they received so many compliments when wearing their maxis.  However, maxi dresses are not only reserved for casual wear.  They are also fabulous dresses if you are attending a spring or summer wedding, or if you are going out for the evening.

What shoes shall I wear with a maxi dress?

If you’re wearing your maxi dress in the daytime and want a casual look, I love these dresses with flat gladiator sandals or flip flops for a fun and flirty summer look.  If (like me) you are small and need a bit of extra height with a maxi dress, cork or espadrille rope wedges always look great and keep in with your effortless glam-but-casual look!

If you want to wear your maxi dress at an evening event or a formal wedding, go for a nice glamorous heel.  Silver or gold shoes are great neutral colours which will go with any dress colour and they wont outshine a vibrant maxi.  NB. if you are wearing a stiletto heel, make sure you go for a good heel height so your maxi dress is just off the floor – otherwise your heel could get caught and tear the hem of the dress.

Glamorous, figure flattering blue evening maxi dress

Glamorous, figure flattering blue evening maxi dress

What accessories go with a maxi dress?

Don’t make your maxi dress compete for attention with tonnes of jewellery, especially if there is a print on the dress.  For the casual daytime look I love to accessorize my maxi with long boho necklaces, chunky bangles and rings.  I also love a good hat, and think that a fedora or big brimmed floppy hat for that Sienna Miller look is fabulous!

If you are wearing your maxi dress in the evening and want to look glamorous, choose delicate jewellery which wont overpower the dress.  For example, go for a simple necklace with a sparkly pendant, a delicate sparkly bracelet and a ring.

Shop online for your maxi dress here (I am a big fan of maxi dresses, so be quick because you might have to race me for them!)

The preloved designer clothes sale is back at Walk in Wardrobe!

Walk in Wardrobe are thrilled to be restarting our designer resale section at the boutique!  There are so many reasons why we love preloved designer clothes, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

Quality designer clothes, shoes and accessories without the hefty price tag. 

These preloved Jimmy Choo designer shoes are a bargain at just £95

These preloved Jimmy Choo designer shoes are a bargain at just £95!

Everyone loves a bargain, and when the words ‘designer’ and ‘cheap’ are put together, it’s like music to my ears!  Taking advantage of our resale service as a customer means that you will be able to fill your wardrobe with top designer names such as Jimmy Choo, Dior and Gucci, or high quality boutique dresses and outfits such as Forever Unique and Sherri Hill.  We vet all items in our preloved section very carefully, so you as a customer can feel rest assured that the preloved item you purchase will be in excellent condition.

Preloved prom dress, as worn by Lucy Meck from TOWIE

Preloved prom dress, as worn by Lucy Meck from TOWIE

Spreading the love by recycling. 

I always find it difficult to throw away my quality clothing or pairs ofshoes I have loved dearly (even though I know I am not going to wear them again).  So it does give me a great feeling of satisfaction knowing that my clothes have not been wasted, that they have gone to customers who understand the true value of quality clothing and also knowing that they will be loved by someone else!

Making some money. 

Recycling your clothes with us is a fantastic way of making a bit of money!  We act on an agency basis, meaning that you will leave your items for sale with us, we sell them on for you and take a commission when the items are sold.  We then pay the money directly into your bank account.  It’s a fabulously easy process and we do the hard work for you!  We have a very high success rate with our agency outfits and accessories as we are a specialist boutique who focus on quality boutique clothing and designer clothing.  Thus we naturally attract customers who are interested in purchasing these quality garments.  If you do wish to sell your clothes, shoes and accessories through the boutique, please make sure that you have an authenticity card or proof of purchase with your item.

If you have any questions regarding our resale section, leave us a comment below or email us and a member of staff will happily get back to you.

What do we currently have at the boutique?

We will only accept good quality boutique and designer branded clothes and accessories.  At present, we have special occasion dresses for day or evening, special occasion dresses with jackets for mother of the bride, groom or race days, hats and hair fascinators, smart tops and jackets, designer shoes and handbags.  So if you like Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Dior and Ralph Lauren, but you want to stretch your budget, Walk in Wardrobe is definitely the place to be!

Bargain Summer Dresses at Walk in Wardrobe!

Gorgeous bargain blue dress!

Gorgeous bargain blue dress!

The sunshine is out and it finally feels like summer!  After an arctic-like winter I am remaining my usual optimistic self and am now encouraging our customers to get fresh new summer wardrobes, as I am determined that summer is now here to stay!  If you are worrying that a new summer wardrobe has to be expensive, I can confirm that this worry is completely needless.  Now is the time to really take advantage of us as we have lots of stunning bank holiday bargain dresses starting from just £25!  Click here to view our dresses online. 

Although the prices are cheap, the Walk in Wardrobe quality remains the same.  In the £25+ range we have top brands such as Forever Unique and Charming.  I don’t expect these dresses to be with us long at these prices, so snap yours up quickly before they all go!


Mother of the bride dresses at Walk in Wardrobe

Mother of the Bride Dress Suit Outfit nude

Gorgeous Mother of the Bride Jacquard Dress Suit

Being the Mother of the Bride or Groom is one of the most exciting events in a mother’s life, so congratulations on your daughters/sons wedding!  On this very special day you will be playing a big role, and because of who you are you will have special status, so you will have to look fabulous.  We would like to offer a few tips on how to achieve this:

Start the search for you Mother of the Bride (MOB) outfit early.

Don’t leave it to the last minute as you are more likely to panic buy a dress which is not right for you.

Don’t feel that you can’t buy a dress because it is ‘too early’.

We have had a couple of ladies in the past who have fallen into this trap.  These ladies found their perfect dresses a year in advance of the wedding, only to come back a few weeks before the wedding to find that the dress is out of stock.  If you find your perfect MOB dress, snap it up as soon as you find it, because no matter how many other shops you look in, you can’t improve on perfection.

Don’t panic, seek help in the right places! 

Our MOB section is a permanent fixture at the boutique and we always have a gorgeous range of MOB outfits in stock.  Our team of experienced stylists are always happy to help mums find their perfect outfits.

Unique lacy Mother of the Bride dress and jacket

Unique lacy Mother of the Bride dress and jacket

Choose a figure flattering and personality co-ordinated style.

Our stylists will know exactly what style will suit your shape, and we take the time to get to know our customers so we will be able to find you a dress which will suit your personality to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable on the big day.

Choose your fabric.

We have a gorgeous selection of dresses in much sought after, quality fabrics such as Jacquard, taffeta, chiffon, lace, and stretchy bengaline.  This is very much down to personal choice, so have a think about what you would feel comfortable in for the day and what you will be in charge of, for example, if you are going to be looking after your grandchildren, you might want to go for a bengaline which will give you free movement.

Choose a colour which will suit you.

We will be able to help you choose not only a colour which will suit you, but we will also be able to advise you on colours which will compliment the colour scheme of the wedding (neutral colours such as nude or champagne are always fantastic if you can’t find a perfect match).  If we don’t have a particular colour in stock, we may be able to order a dress in for you in the colour you require.

Accessorise accordingly, take advantage of our hard work!

We’ve done most of the hard work for you by carefully selecting accessories which match our dresses such as shoes, fascinators and hats.  If you want a different colour to what we have in stock, some of our hair fascinators can be made in different colours just for you!

Don’t forget that you can also rent your MOB suit or dress for the big day, so you can get that fabulous designer look for a fraction of the cost!

If you are a mother of the bride and need any extra help, please feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you!