Cheap Prom Dresses

Prom dresses: High Street vs. Independent Boutiques

Long prom dress £89.99 - UNDER £100!

Long prom dress £89.99 – UNDER £100!

The high street stores are awash with cheap prom dresses galore, so you may be considering going to purchase one from one of the many that are out there.  Your pull towards a high street store may be due to reasons including the big one; because they offer cheaper dresses than more exclusive, independent boutiques.  This is a common misconception amongst many shoppers, at least in our case!  Walk in Wardrobe HQ have been busily sourcing stunningly beautiful dresses for prom 2015, the majority of which either match or beat the high street stores in price!

Whilst high street chain stores do have their place in shopping for fast fashion, I would still not shop in one if I was going to attend a special event.  There are several reasons for this, the main one being that I would want a dress for my special event which screams good quality as well as being unlike anything anyone else would wear.  I wouldn’t settle for anything less, so why should you?!  The dresses we provide are uniquely handpicked by our exceptional buying team who look for:  excellent designs that are not mass-produced, good quality workmanship and good quality fabric.  Our rule of only providing quality items means that if you look after your dress from Walk in Wardrobe well enough, it can last for years, meaning that you are getting true value for money and you will have a distinctive and unique dress which will really make you stand out from the crowd!

Prom dress by Forever Unique 65 RRP £345.

Prom dress by Forever Unique 65 RRP £345.

Secondly, as you are going to a special event, don’t you need special customer service?  The customer service culture amongst high street chain stores is very different to the customer service you can expect from an independent boutique.  We offer a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere where we can take the time to assess the individual customer’s needs and we like to get to know them personally so we can help them choose a dress which will reflect their personality for their special occasion.

Unlike the high street chain stores, we also offer a hiring service, which means that you can get that designer look for a fraction of the cost and it also means that you can save on space in the wardrobe!  We also never release the same dress to the same function, so shopping with us also means that you will never be in that embarrassing situation where you turn up to a function and someone else is wearing the same dress as you!