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Tips on looking amazing for your Christmas party 2013

Whilst some people shudder at the mere mention of ‘Christmas’, the Christmas season for me is by far one of my favourite times of the year for so many reasons – the cosy darkness, the smell of spicy mulled wine in the air, the fairy lights and of course, the Christmas parties!  For me, the winter season is the most glamorous time of the year, the sparkles on dresses are emphasised by the twinkling Christmas lights, I can glam up red carpet style with a faux fur wrap and pretend I’m a 1950’s Hollywood starlet and I don’t have to worry about my make-up getting messy under the hot rays of the sun.

We like to be prepared at the boutique and so have been busily collecting together Christmas party dresses and accessories for our customers.  In this post I would like to share a few tips and tricks on how to get yourself noticed under the mistletoe this year!

Long full sequin Christmas party dress, perfect for a black tie or white tie event!

Long full sequin Christmas party dress, perfect for a black tie or white tie event!

What dress shall I wear to a Christmas party?

This depends on so many factors.  Although black tie events are becoming more relaxed in their dress code, it’s not everyday you get to wear a long dress, so at Christmas time, when the opportunity arises, I like to take full advantage of the situation!  This stunning long gown with long sleeves (pictured right) is perfect for a black or white tie Christmas event and perfect if you are a lady who hates her arms.  This dress has been worn by stunning celebrities, so it just goes to show you that arm coverage does not automatically mean ‘dowdy’.  The full sequins give a perfect Christmassy effect, offering a subtle, elegant shimmer when you move, and it has the added bonus of that bit of extra coverage to ensure that you can keep the chill at bay.

Red off the shoulder corset dress

Red off the shoulder corset dress

If you are going to a more relaxed Christmas party e.g. a Christmas meal out with your work colleagues, a short dress is most likely going to be a better option.  This Vivian Westwood inspired, off the shoulder pencil dress (pictured left) is simple yet absolutely gorgeous.  As this dress bears little by way of embellishment, you can really go to town with the accessories and team it up with sparkly bracelets and a bag, and the low neckline means that you are able to wear a big, statement necklace.  As always, with a shorter dress, you have to make sure that your feet look just as good as the rest of you, so make sure that you have some twinkly shoes to complete your look (see below).

Are there any alternative outfit options to dresses?

Of course there are!  If you don’t feel happy wearing a dress, don’t wear one.  If you are wearing something that is ultimately not ‘you’, you wont feel confident and you’ll only remember the Christmas party for feeling uncomfortable.  There are simply hundreds of sparkly Christmas outfits out there, it would be quite an achievement if you were unable to find one to suit you!  One of my favourites at the boutique at the moment is the hot pant suit (see below, right).  This unique and sparkly Cheryl Cole style suit is perfect for Christmas parties and that special Christmas night club event, ensuring that you look sassy yet classy whilst tearing up the dance floor!

Black and beige sequin hot pants suit

Black and beige sequin hot pants suit

If you still feel uncomfortable by the thought of a hot pant suit, one of our glamorous tops with a pair of skinny jeans or a pair of black pvc skinny trousers teamed with a pair of killer heels would be just the ticket for you.  Even if you are not wearing a dress, just remember that you can still be just as glam, just don’t forget to accessorise appropriately to ensure that you still look twinkly and Christmassy!

Glamorous chiffon party top

Glamorous chiffon party top

What are the best colours to wear for winter parties?

Christmas party outfits are usually bold in colour as opposed to pastel colours.  The usual staple colours being red, black, navy, gold and silver.  However, don’t feel restricted to these colours, I find that royal blue and purple serve equally well, just keep in mind that the watchword for winter parties this year is ‘opulence’.  Providing your dress or outfit is rich in colour, you will look stylish and fashionable and bang on seasonal trend.  Regardless of what colour you choose, just make sure that you feel fabulous in it!

What accessories should I wear with my party dress?

Statement jewellery has never been more in than during this season.  Look out for dramatic chokers, dramatic earrings and bangles (a particular favourite of mine is currently the Indian inspired bracelet and ring sets).  A sparkly bag will finish off your ensemble nicely and will ensure that your emergency provisions such as your lipstick and chewing gum (for mistletoe purposes!) are kept safely in style.

Don’t underestimate just how cold the midst of December can be, and make sure that you are not caught out at the end of the evening shivering whilst waiting for your taxi to take you home.  Instead, opt for one of our faux fur wraps to keep you feeling super warm and yet uber-glam!

What shoes should I wear to a Christmas party?

Sparkly black and silver stiletto high heels

Sparkly black and silver stiletto high heels

As I err on the slightly small side, I am partial to a pair of sparkly high heels for Christmas parties.  However, if you feel nervous about wearing skyscraper heels, stick to smaller heels which are equally as glamorous and you wont worry about wobbling around on heels at the party.  Don’t think for a minute that party shoes are solely heels, celebrities such as Alexa Chung have really made flat shoes not only acceptable at parties, but also desirable.  Once again, the watchword is still ‘opulence’, and this opulence MUST spread right the way from the top of your head right down to your feet!  Bearing this in mind, I would just like to say that you should wear a style that you feel comfortable in, and think you can last the whole night in (without forgetting that dancing may be a part of the evening!), just make sure that there is plenty of bling!

Great, the outfit is sorted, but what about everything else?

Preparing the body before you get dressed up for your Christmas party is very important.  You can spend a few hours doing it yourself at home, but I have found that whilst I begin the process with much gusto, after a while I do find that the process can become quite tedious and I begin to cut corners.  Instead, I would opt to go to one of my favourite salons in Brighton and Hove, Tranquility in the City, based at Station Road.  At the salon I always feel like I’m in the hands of the professionals, and always come out glowing from top to toe, it really is the perfect place to get pampered before a big night out!  I personally recommend their manicures, my own favourite being gel nails with a leopard print minx wrap on the ring finger, the perfect finishing touch!  Beauty expert extraordinare and owner of the salon, Louise is always on hand to give you a professional makeover for your big night, her advice for the perfect Christmas make-up this season is: ‘Two big trends for this xmas are glitter and using skin perfectors and primers to achieve a flawless look.  The first step to professional looking make-up is to prepare well.  Start with a really great skin perfecting primer and the rest of your make-up will glide on with ease and last all night!  We stock the award winning Vitage skin perfector at Tranquility, which is a primer and skin perfector in one and at just £25 will save you money on buying two products.  Once you have created your look, add glitter in a more grown up style by using a liquid glitter liner.  This can be used on the upper eyelid to add sparkle to your usual liner or underneath in the corner of the eye to create a flash of colour.’

Once the rest of you is sorted, don’t forget that you will need to make sure that your hair looks perfect.  After seeing their work at our recent fashion show, we highly recommend the very swanky My Salon Looks based at Western Road, Hove for a great Christmas party hair do.  Their team of creative and artistic professionals really take the time to listen to you to make sure that your crowning glory goes perfectly with your outfit and suits your own individual look.

If budget is a factor for your Christmas outfit, don’t forget that you can always hire your Christmas party dress instead of purchasing it, so you can look a million dollars for a fraction of the cost, meaning that you will have a bit more money for a few extra cocktails!

Whatever you decide on for your Christmas party, remember that Christmas isn’t Christmas without twinkles and sparkles, so make sure that you dress to impress so you can shimmer the night away and be merry (it is Christmas after all!).

If you have a question for me that I haven’t answered, why not tweet to us @walkinwardrobe with your question with the hashtag #askwalkinwardrobe

The convertible multi wrap dress at Walk in Wardrobe

If you have several special events coming up and don’t want to be seen in the same dress then a convertible dress may be the dress for you!  These increasingly popular dresses have been called many things, including convertible dresses, infinity dresses, multi-wrap dresses and twist dresses.  Whatever you decide to call them there is one thing which is guaranteed – they have to be one of the most versatile things to wear since the little black dress.  This dress has limitless style possibilities and can be worn as a halter neck, a high neck, a one shoulder dress, a twisted back dress, a cross back dress.  I’ll end the list here as I could go on forever, but it just goes to show you, the style of this dress can only stretch as far as the imagination!

We have just received these gorgeous full length multi wrap dresses which are made from a stunning, high quality Italian jersey fabric which is crumple-proof, meaning that they are perfect for packing into a suitcase for your holiday – no ironing required!  This fabric is gloriously comfortable and stretchy, and they are fabulous if you have a larger bust in comparison to the rest of your figure – no alterations required!

Shop our multi wrap dress here



Reasons why hiring dresses has become such a big fashion trend

Stunning low back sequinned hire dress, perfect for a black tie event

Stunning low back sequinned hire dress, perfect for a black tie event and prom!

For us ladies, idealistic fashion can be a difficult thing to obtain, especially if you have to work within your monthly budget.  Unfortunately we ladies can be left in the position where we have spent lots of money on a designer dress, but we don’t want to be seen in the same dress twice.  This happens especially if you are lucky enough to have a close circle of friends with whom you go to the same events with.  If this sounds like you, then I’m sure you are no stranger to the sad feeling when you open the wardrobe to see an expensive dress hanging there which you will probably never wear again.  As this is an issue which affects many women, there has been an increasing trend of renting dresses for black tie events, weddings and proms, and we are proud to be one of the first companies on the South Coast to offer a professional hiring service.  Here are just some of the benefits of hiring a dress:

Fashion is ever changing

The world of fashion has always been a bit fickle.  What is in vogue one day may not be a week later.  As we strive to stay on the ‘what’s in fashion’ pulse, so our rental dresses are always in style, so you can feel rest assured that you are always stylish and that you are not letting thousands of pounds go to waste from purchasing dresses!  Going on from this, as fashion is so fast and styles can fall out of fashion favour, the more you wear a dress, the more the value of the garment could deplete, rendering the thousands of pounds you spend on dresses worthless.

No problem with storage

Not everyone has a special occasion to go to on a regular basis and so, if you are buying many dresses for different events, you will be surprised at how cluttered your wardrobe can get!  Gone are the days when wedding dresses are handed down from mother to daughter, daughters now tend to prefer to choose their own dress, and if you opt for a flamboyant, large wedding dress, it is unlikely that you will wear it again, so storing the dress can become a problem.

The designer look for a fraction of the cost

Gorgeous wedding dress with lace back, available to rent

Gorgeous wedding dress with lace back, available to rent

For formal events or Ladies Day, you really don’t want to sacrifice quality and purchase on the high street.  Due to the fact that designer dresses have a superior quality to high street dresses, the price naturally goes up, so it can get quite expensive!  We offer fabulous designer dresses which are from top quality brands such as Catwalk Collection, Forever Unique, Dynasty and Hybrid, but to name a few.  We also hire out the majority of our wedding dresses.  Renting your wedding dress will be far cheaper than purchasing it, which means that you utilise the extra cash for that extra special honeymoon!

You can try before you buy

At our boutique we also sell our dresses as well as hire them out.  If you have hired a dress from us and fall in love with it on the night (this situation seems to occur on many occasions!), you can buy the dress after your rental and we will take the rental fee off of the purchase fee.

You don’t have to worry about the cleaning

Cleaning delicate dresses can be a bit of a chore, but if you hire a dress from us, the cleaning costs are included in the hire price, so that’s another thing off your mind!

Hire a dress from anywhere in the UK

We do not limit our customers by location and offer an online hiring service.  Please visit our website for more information about how to hire a dress from us here.

Summer maxi dresses at Walk in Wardrobe

Feminine and utterly gorgeous chiffon maxi dress, perfect for weddings.

Feminine and utterly gorgeous chiffon maxi dress, perfect for weddings.

I don’t think anything says ‘summer goddess’ like a maxi dress does.  My reasoning for this is that they are feminine, chic, comfortable and cool with their flowy, romantic skirts.  We have stocked the most gorgeous designer long maxi dresses this year with the most vivid, colourful designs and fun prints in a dazzling array of bold multi colours such as blue, green, orange, coral and pink (to name a few!).  With all the different designs we have, it would be truly impossible not to find one to your taste or to have too many in your wardrobe!  Below are some of the questions we have been asked when customers have been considering a maxi dress:

Comfortable designer maxi dress for summer cruises - definitely a beach to bar dress!

Comfortable designer maxi dress for summer cruises – definitely a beach to bar dress!

Where can I wear a maxi dress?

Maxi dresses are renowned for their versatility and are fantastic beach to bar dresses.  They can be worn as casual dresses on the beach or around town when shopping.  Our customers have also loved wearing their tropical print maxi dresses on summer cruises and have told us that they received so many compliments when wearing their maxis.  However, maxi dresses are not only reserved for casual wear.  They are also fabulous dresses if you are attending a spring or summer wedding, or if you are going out for the evening.

What shoes shall I wear with a maxi dress?

If you’re wearing your maxi dress in the daytime and want a casual look, I love these dresses with flat gladiator sandals or flip flops for a fun and flirty summer look.  If (like me) you are small and need a bit of extra height with a maxi dress, cork or espadrille rope wedges always look great and keep in with your effortless glam-but-casual look!

If you want to wear your maxi dress at an evening event or a formal wedding, go for a nice glamorous heel.  Silver or gold shoes are great neutral colours which will go with any dress colour and they wont outshine a vibrant maxi.  NB. if you are wearing a stiletto heel, make sure you go for a good heel height so your maxi dress is just off the floor – otherwise your heel could get caught and tear the hem of the dress.

Glamorous, figure flattering blue evening maxi dress

Glamorous, figure flattering blue evening maxi dress

What accessories go with a maxi dress?

Don’t make your maxi dress compete for attention with tonnes of jewellery, especially if there is a print on the dress.  For the casual daytime look I love to accessorize my maxi with long boho necklaces, chunky bangles and rings.  I also love a good hat, and think that a fedora or big brimmed floppy hat for that Sienna Miller look is fabulous!

If you are wearing your maxi dress in the evening and want to look glamorous, choose delicate jewellery which wont overpower the dress.  For example, go for a simple necklace with a sparkly pendant, a delicate sparkly bracelet and a ring.

Shop online for your maxi dress here (I am a big fan of maxi dresses, so be quick because you might have to race me for them!)

Show Stopping Christmas Party Dresses at Walk in Wardrobe

Christmas is just around the corner, I know this because they have been playing ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ by Wizzard on the radio.  So this can mean only one thing, your Christmas party will be coming up soon and you will be wondering what to wear.  The big trend this Christmas is sparkle and glitter, which is fabulous because they go together like glitz and glamour!

There are lots of decisions to make when choosing your Christmas dress; full on sparkle, understated sparkle, mini, long etc.  Fortunately at the boutique we have so many different styles in for Christmas you are spoilt for choice!  These dresses will make you feel every inch the Christmas glamour puss and gliding around at the party in one of these is the surest way to get yourself noticed under the mistletoe this year!

Walk in Wardrobe Fashion Trend Focus

Available to hire at £85 or buy at £229.99

One of the most exciting autumn/winter trends to me personally is the undeniably dramatic Baroque trend, possibly because of its rebellious attitude towards the concept of less is more in the economic downturn!  It neatly ties in with rich, warm autumnal colours and is a look that simply oozes decadence, exuberance and the height of sophistication.  The very minute the Dolce and Gabanna models glided down the catwalk in Milan in their sumptuous baroque gowns, we knew that this look was going to be HUGE!  At Walk in Wardrobe we have remained bang on trend and have sourced the most gorgeous baroque inspired dresses at unbeatable prices to ensure that you can look every inch the baroque queen when you go to your special occasion!

This look is all about embellishment, shimmer and gold EVERYWHERE, reviving the regal trends of the 17th century, being ornate, intricate and completely utterly gorgeous.  This style largely concentrates on black and gold, and looks amazingly fabulous with matching black and gold accessories from the dramatic chandelier earrings to sparkly bangles and gorgeous clutch bags.  However, although this look is very much about the blacks and golds, don’t be afraid to add some colour to your baroque outfit.  Claret reds, cobalt blue and royal purples can continue to give you that expensive, opulent baroque feel.  Regardless of how you wear your baroque look, there’s only one thing to do now – get shopping and get that look!

Autumn 2012’s hottest fashion trends

This year I seem to have blinked at the crucial moment when summer arrived in the UK.   My circle of friends have been very disappointed with the summer this year, but here at Walk in Wardrobe we believe that there is always a silver lining, this particular silver lining being in the shape of an opportunity to start experimenting with a new line of autumn fashion trends!  There has been so much excitement amongst the fashion circles as this autumn’s fashion promises to be uniquely different from previous autumns of late, being bolder and more blingy!  Here are the key autumnal fashion trends for 2012:

The hottest shade of blue this Autumn! Click on the pic for more details.

Bold colours:  The autumn fashion this year has moved away from traditional autumnal shades of browns and dark greens.  Instead, designers have been picking out the boldest colours in their colour pallet, in particular the most luxurious shades of cobalt blue and royal purple.  One noticeable hot trend on the autumn runway was to mix cobalt blue with black.  This look can be achieved with one of our gorgeous little cobalt blue dresses and accessorising with our sparkly black bangles, fascinators or sparkly alice bands.  Team this look up with a killer pair of black heels and voila!  You’re ready to go!

Gorgeous gold dress with luxurious black lace overlay

Gorgeous gold dress with luxurious black lace overlay. Click on the pic for more details!

Shimmer and lace:  That very classy look of shimmer and lace are in this autumn to give you that elegant and chic evening look.  These lacy accents look gorgeous over the neck and back, and lace overlays have the most stunning, show stopping effect.  These lacy adornments are not only there to glam up a dress, they can also be very flattering for ladies who want to cover problem areas such as their arms.  Lacy sleeves can stop an outfit from looking frumpy and maintain a glamorous look whilst still giving you confidence.

Autumnal Royal Purple Peplum Pencil Dress. Click on the pic for more details!


Cinched-in waists:  This can only mean one thing – the much-favoured peplum is still in!  These flattering dresses have a unique ability to cinch in the waists of all body shapes whilst also elongating the figure and giving you that iconic silhouette!  At the boutique we have the perfect dress in stock which will kill two fashion birds with one stone – the royal purple peplum dress!

Bling:  Sparkly accessories will be all the rage this autumn, cheering up the autumn weather with a bit of glitz and bling!  We have so many twinkling little gems at the boutique at the moment from bangles to hair candy to shoes to complete your autumnal look.

Stunning hair candy to help you twinkle through the autumn! Click the pic for more details!


The Bling-iest shoes on the catwalk! Click on the pic for more details!


Gorgeous bling for your wrists, available in many different colours. Click on the pic for more details!