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Prom Dress Trends 2016

Prom 2016 is upon us and we have been busy at the boutique helping prom girls from all across Sussex and beyond get ready for their big day. There are some amazing trends for 2016, ranging from fun and sweet cocktail dresses to elegant, sensational long gowns. We’ve picked out some real wow factor trends so you can shimmer the night away at prom this year – which will you choose?

Illusion prom dress

Illusion prom dress




Illusion prom dresses
We’ve always been big fans of illusion prom dresses, especially if the illusion panel has a bit of dazzle on it! Illusion panels are usually made out of tulle fabric and have sparkly gems attached to them. These tulle panels are usually on the neckline, on the back, or on the waist area of the dress. Great for any prom girl who wants to be elegant and classy.




Floaty chiffon prom dress

Floaty chiffon prom dress





Floaty chiffon prom dresses

This style is a staple when it comes to prom dresses, and it is a firm favourite again this year. Made from floaty chiffons and flowing lightweight silky fabrics, their elegant floaty skirts are very popular with girls who want that fairy tale look for their prom. If in doubt when choosing your floaty dress, just ask yourself ‘what would Elsa from Frozen do?’




Long lace prom dress

Long lace prom dress






Lace prom dresses
Lace was a massive trend for prom 2015, and it’s back again for prom 2016. Lace dresses are timeless classics with their exquisite lacy details.






Mermaid prom dress

Mermaid prom dress





Mermaid prom dresses
Often seen on the red carpet, the mermaid dress has been another staple when it comes to prom fashion, and it shows no sign of going out of style any time soon! This type of dress is typically fitted down to the knee or the mid-thigh and comes out sharply from that point to emulate a mermaid’s shape.




Short prom dress

Short prom dress





Short prom dresses
Tutu style cocktail dresses are perfect for fun loving prom girls who want to show off a fabulous pair of shoes! These dresses are super practical if you want to dance the night away.




Stay stylish prom girl!

What prom dress is right for me?

I have been really impressed this year at how organised the 2014 prom girls are!  We had our first one at the boutique early last month, and have had several since then.  Although some mums coyly say to me when entering the boutique: ‘we’re looking at prom dresses, but we’re a bit early’, I think it’s extremely sensible, just like a bride, a prom girl KNOWS when she has found her dress and it matters not a jot that she has found it months in advance.  Another reason to start early is that we never release the same dress to the same function, so make sure that your daughter gets first dibs on her dress for prom!

Nowadays there are so many different styles available, and there appears to be much less restriction on what is acceptable than before, so you could wear long or short, long and short, full on ball gown, or subtle and elegant.  However, we are well aware that although the increase in styles means more variety, it can also make the decision even harder and more intimidating, especially if you are a young lady who is not used to wearing formal attire.  The aim of this blog post is to give a little direction to prom girls who are starting out their research into which prom dress to wear on prom night.

The first golden question you should be asking is ‘what style of prom dress will suit me?’.  It is all well and good having your heart set on a particular style, but if it does nothing for you, you won’t feel comfortable on the big night and you will spend the whole evening feeling self-conscious and doing your best to hide in the shadows.  I recommend getting out a piece of paper and writing down what body shape you have, try to be as honest and objective as you can.  Remember that what you see in the mirror isn’t necessarily the same as what everyone else sees, so mum, dad, sisters or any other close family members are usually very helpful and will give honest opinions on your shape.  Try not to take anything they say too personally, after all, they only want you to look your best on prom night!  After you have established what kind of shape you are, pick out your body features you wish to show off and write them down.  Lastly, write down the body features you wish to hide.

In order to help you decide what prom dress style would suit you, I have pulled together the key prom dress styles with a general guide on what body shape would suit, so you can concentrate on the most important thing when choosing your prom dress: having fun!

nude colour prom ball gown - a perfect princess look!

nude colour prom ball gown – a perfect princess look!




Ball gown prom dresses

Ball gown prom dresses are traditional, or ‘classic’ prom dresses, and are the perfect way to achieve that fairy tale princess look.  With their full, flared skirts and their fitted bodices, there are not really many body shapes which don’t suit this style.  If you are a curvy girl, they are a great way of showing off a cinched in waist, or if you don’t have much of a waist, they are great at giving the illusion of a  waist.  If you are pear shaped or are concerned about the bottom half of your figure, this dress emphasises the waist and completely hides your bottom half.  The only body shape which might slightly struggle in this style is if you are very small and petite as you can look swamped by the skirts.  If you fall into this category but you still want that fairytale look, opt for an a-line dress instead as it still gives you a full skirt, and maximises the chance of you wearing the dress but minimises the risk of the dress wearing you!




Sequin fishtail prom dress - perfect for showing off an hourglass figure!

Sequin fishtail prom dress – perfect for showing off an hourglass figure!




Mermaid prom dresses

These dresses are also known as fishtail prom dresses or trumpet prom dresses.  The mermaid prom dress typically has a figure hugging fitted bodice that goes right the way down to the mid-thigh and then flares out to give the illusion of a mermaid’s tail.  These dresses look great on prom girls who have a hourglass shape (i.e. who are well balanced at the bust and hips with a proportionately smaller waist).  If you have more of a boyish figure, this style of dress will probably emphasise the straightness of your figure and will probably not show your body off in the best way.  These dresses tend to fit very closely to the body and will give a true silhouette of your body shape, so if you are a bit shy about your body, it’s probably best to stay away from this style.


Pinky nude chiffon empire line prom dress

Pinky nude chiffon empire line prom dress






Empire line prom dresses

These dresses have a high waistline with the skirt gently falling from under the bust.  They tend to be made out of a light, floaty fabric such as chiffon which falls elegantly to the floor.  This style of prom dress works well on most body shapes and is probably one of the most forgiving styles.  It also makes a great plus size style.  They are fabulous if you are concerned about showing off your mid-section, providing you with a bit of extra coverage, whilst still giving you the ability to achieve that whimsical, elegant look.  At the other end of the spectrum, they also make great dresses for girls who have a less defined waist, or a ‘boyish shape’ as they don’t emphasise the waist and drape graciously to the floor.




High low hem prom dress - perfect for showing off your pins!

High low hem prom dress – perfect for showing off your pins!





Mullet prom dress

These dresses are also known as high low hem dresses.  These dresses come in a variety of styles, e.g. fitted down to the thigh, fitted to the waist or empire line.  It’s a fantastic alternative to a full length gown and is absolutely brilliant if you (like me!) are a little vertically challenged as you won’t have to worry about having the hem shortened or tripping over a long dress at prom!  If your legs are the feature that you want to show off, but you still like the idea of having a long prom dress, this could well be the option for you.  Make sure that you team up this style of dress with a fabulous pair of shoes, but if you are going for a pair of peep toes, make sure that your feet are in tip top condition and that you go and get yourself a good pedicure beforehand!






Once you are aware of what shape you are, the process of prom dress shopping changes from being stressful to being exactly what it should be – fun!  Remember that it’s not every day you get to wear a glamorous dress, so I recommend taking full advantage while you can and seek out a really special dress.  This is definitely one of those times when high street just will not do!

If you require any further help regarding what style is best suited to your shape, feel free to leave us a comment below, facebook us at Walk in Wardrobe Brighton or tweet us @walkinwardrobe

Red prom dresses at Walk in Wardrobe

Stunning red corset prom dress with silver embellishment

Stunning red corset prom dress with silver embellishment

I am very rarely wearing any other colour but red, and so I am always thrilled when our prom girls come to the boutique seeking red dresses for their special night.  On prom night you will want to make a lasting impression, and red is definitely a colour no one will miss!  Red is a great colour if you want to look commanding, confident and absolutely stunning.  It is also a very versatile colour in the sense that it compliments a wide range of skin tones.  It goes without saying that red looks great with dark hair and dark eyes and can make you look really exotic a la Penelope Cruz.  However, we have had some mums at the boutique with their blond daughters who want a red prom dress and they are concerned that their daughters may look ‘tarty’ in red.  Well, I would argue that you only have to look at the stunningly sophisticated Jerry Hall in red to realise that this is definitely NOT the case.

Make up to go with a red dress

In all honesty, red is not the easiest of colours to match your make up to.  My own particular favourite tricks for a real bombshell look are to choose a lipstick with matches the shade of the dress and to have a nice black flick out with a liquid eye liner on the top eyelids and some black eye liner on the inner rims of the bottom of your eyelids.  A light shimmery eye shadow will make the dark eye liner stand out more, thus making your eyes look more defined.  Finish up this look with a thickening black mascara for dramatic and defined lashes.

If you don’t like to wear too much make up, you can go for a more natural look by putting a slight rose colour on your cheeks and use a natural, shimmer lipstick in a nude colour and a little soft eye liner at the outer corners of your eyelids.  I find that this looks fabulous on fair girls.

Classy one shoulder long red prom dress with cutouts

Classy one shoulder long red prom dress with cutouts

How to wear your hair with a red prom dress

With a red prom dress you really want to let the red colour do the talking, so go for a simple hairstyle to avoid looking too over the top.  Try an up-do with a few trails of hair framing your face or some carefree loose waves if you want to have your hair down.  Having your hair trailing down one shoulder is also a great look, especially if you are wearing a dress with a feature back.

Accessories to go with a red dress

If you are going for a red dress keep away from red accessories as this can lead to the accessories blending in with the dress too much and it can be a bit too much.  If there is some sparkle on your dress, match the accessory colour to the embellishments as they will make the beading stand out.  Gold accessories look great with red if you want a regal look and silver looks fabulous if you want a young, fun yet mature look.


Stunning white prom dresses

Each year we are seeing a rise in young ladies opting for white dresses for their prom, and we definitely expect this trend to grow further over the years.  Formal white dresses are not reserved exclusively for your wedding day and can be an excellent choice for a prom dress as they give you an elegant and feminine look.  White also looks fabulous on a wide variety of skin tones and hair colours and because of it’s neutral hue, it’s easy to accessorize and looks very classy with either silver or gold.  Likewise, it’s also very easy for your date to accessorize accordingly!

When choosing your white prom dress it’s important that you choose a stunningly gorgeous dress which you can feel really proud of, here are just a few options when it comes to considering your white prom dress:

Long white prom dresses

Long floaty chiffon ivory colour prom dress

Long floaty chiffon ivory colour prom dress

Regal Grecian long prom gown

Regal Grecian long prom gown


Long white dresses are always timeless classics, these two dresses are perfect examples of how white dresses can differ so much in their styles to give completely different looks, but nevertheless, they are just as gorgeous as one another!

Left dress:  This one shoulder floaty ivory prom dress is the epitome of glamour with a gorgeous full chiffon skirt with a beaded, embellished waist band leading to the beautifully draped skirt to give a dreamy, whimsical prom look.

Right dress:  This simple yet stunning one shoulder Grecian dress is a true red carpet dress as worn by top celebrity Liz Hurley in OK! Magazine.  This flattering gown is made from a top quality French jersey and makes the taller girl look very statuesque, and it appears to elongate the smaller girl.

White prom  princess ballgown

White prom princess ballgown

Full sequin fishtail prom dress

Full sequin fishtail prom dress





Long white prom ball gowns

If you would rather go for a fairy tale Cinderella gown, a white ball gown is the dress for you.

Right dress: in this gorgeous a-line, jewel encrusted ball gown you will really stand out as the prom princess and will have you twirling in tulle at your prom with the full skirts.

Left dress: if the full ball gown is too much for you but you still want the ball gown effect why not opt for a fishtail ball gown to give you a gorgeous shape and plenty of wow!  This full sequin silver and white fishtail emphasizes your curves and elongates your height.  This dress looks stunning with gorgeous silver crystal jewellery.


Short white prom dresses

White mini prom dress by Forever Unique

White mini prom dress by Forever Unique

Ivory sparkly stiletto shoes - the perfect prom shoes to go with your dress!

Ivory sparkly stiletto shoes – the perfect prom shoes to go with your dress!


Short prom dresses are a bit of a favourite of mine mainly because you get to show off some fabulous shoes and they are great if you intend to be doing a lot of dancing on the night!  If, like me you are slightly vertically challenged, a short prom dress can be great if you want to look just a little bit taller.  This gorgeous dress by Forever Unique to the left is a perfect little white prom dress with silver sequins, and is an absolute steal at just £39.99.  Although this is a dress which is cheap in price, it is flawless in quality!   These white sparkly prom shoes complete this dress perfectly and the platform front make them comfortable and easy to wear, which can only mean one thing – more dancing!

I have had a few customers who are concerned about their daughters wearing a white dress to prom as it is traditionally a colour reserved for a bride on her wedding day.  However, I would just like to say that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a prom dress.  If a young lady going to prom feels utterly fabulous in a white prom gown, then that is the colour she must go for.  After all, if she is wearing a colour to prom that she does not feel comfortable in, she is going to miss out on the most important thing at prom – having fun.




The most affordable prom dresses for under £50 at Walk in Wardrobe!

Extra cute pink prom dress, was £165, now just £50!

Extra cute pink prom dress, was £165, now just £50!

Precious Formals pink and gold tutu prom dress, was

Precious Formals pink and gold tutu prom dress, was £225, now just £50!

Prom is only a matter of days away, so we are having a massive clear out!  If you have only just decided to go to prom and need a cheap last minute prom dress, you may be able to find a real little bargain gem at Walk in Wardrobe.  These fun and flirty designer prom dresses are still utterly gorgeous, and we have included dresses from top labels such as Forever Unique, Dynasty and Precious Formals.  So, if you are working on a budget, but don’t want to compromise on looking absolutely gorgeous for your special event, our boutique is definitely the place to be! These stunning little dresses would also be fantastic as a wedding outfit or for cocktail parties, so if you have a few events coming up after prom, you will definitely get your monies worth!

At prices like these, I don’t think we will have these dresses for very long at the boutique, so be quick, and you could find your perfect prom dress for less (and just think about it, that means you have more money to spend on shoes, accessories and getting your hair done for the big night!)


The 2013 prom dress sale has already begun at Walk in Wardrobe!

The prom sale has begun at Walk in Wardrobe, and we have a HUGE selection of bargain prom dresses at the moment.  Whether you want long and floaty, short and flirty or a full on glamorous ball gown for your prom dress, we will be able to find a dress for you at a fraction of the cost.  Don’t think for a minute that the quality of these dresses match their cheap price tags, we have top prom lables such as Sherri Hill, Alyce Designs and Forever Unique in the sale!

Gorgeous Alyce Designs pink prom dress

Gorgeous Alyce Designs pink prom dress, was £475, now £199.99!

Alyce turquoise frilly mermaid prom dress

Alyce turquoise frilly mermaid prom dress, was £285, now £145!

A hot seller and celebrity favourite, the Forever Unique Leopard Tutu dress.  Was £160, now £99.99

A hot seller and celebrity favourite, the Forever Unique Leopard Tutu dress. Was £160, now £99.99

Sherri Hill and Alyce Designs ball gowns are for the prom girls who really want to make an ‘all eyes on me’ red carpet entrance.  They are made out of luxurious fabrics and are covered in sparkle and gorgeous embellishments.  These dresses are fun and fashionable, and are guaranteed show stoppers!

If a short prom dress is more ‘you’ than a big ball gown, how about a flirty tutu dress?  These dresses are cute and fun and can be worn to a variety of events other than prom, such as weddings and cocktail parties, so if you have a few events coming up, you will definitely get your monies worth!

 So if you are working on a budget, but don’t want to compromise on having a fashionable, gorgeous dress, Walk in Wardrobe is definitely the place to be!  Remember that the less you spend on a dress, the more you can spend on everything else for your prom (and don’t worry, the fact that your dress was a complete bargain can be our little secret!)