Elegant and classy black dresses for prom.

This year we have witnessed a growing number of requests for black prom dresses, and it’s easy to see why!  Black prom dresses are: sophisticated, grown up, chic and classy.  In response to this, we have sourced a number of beautiful black prom dresses to ensure that you have the perfect dress for your special night.

Long black prom dresses


One of our hottest selling prom dresses!


Celebrity favourite one shoulder Forever Unique dress

 Long black dresses are always timeless classics.  These two styles are two of the most popular prom dresses at the boutique for several reasons:  both are made from a comfortable stretch jersey which gracefully cascades down to the floor and both have stunning silver beaded embellishments which really stand out against the black fabric.

Left dress:  This is one of my own personal favourites as I am a big fan of the backless dress.  However, this particular dress also has the benefit of intricate straps across the back which can make ladies feel less exposed and a bit more secure.

Right dress:  This dress is a hot celebrity one shoulder favourite by Forever Unique and has been spotted on the red carpet on celebs such as Lucy Meck from TOWIE.  This dress has a gorgeously sassy cutout and slit at the front which adds a touch of sexiness whilst still being classy!

black prom 1

A shimmering, show stopping A-line silver and black ballgown


Elegant and classic fishtail black ballgown with lace and beading







If you want a Cinderella style black ballgown as a prom dress we have a real show stopping black and silver A-line dress (right) which is guaranteed to really turn heads on your prom night!  If this is too much, then you can always rely on the trusty fishtail ballgown (left) to give you a gorgeous shape and a lot of wow.  This particular dress has a truly elegant lace embellishment on the bodice.


Short black prom dresses


Short black feather prom dress with beaded bodice


Black tutu prom dress by Forever Unique



I really love short dresses as it gives me the excuse to show off some fabulous shoes!  These two short black cocktail prom dresses are fun, flirty and cute, and also fabulous if you intend to do a lot of dancing on prom night!

Left: This gorgeous little prom dress has the most stunning beaded bodice, ultra fun mini feather skirt and has that much sought after corset back.

Right:  fun and flirty black tulle prom dress with silver embellishment and sweetheart neckline.

This year, black dresses have really taken the school proms in the UK by storm, and I expect this to be a growing trend as time goes on.  I have had a few concerned customers who have questioned whether it is ok to wear black to a prom, to which I have answered that there are no hard and fast rules.  If a young lady going to prom feels stylish and comfortable in a black dress, then that is the colour she must go for.  After all, if she’s in a colour which she is not comfortable in, she is going to miss out on the most important thing at prom – having fun.