Multi Wrap

The convertible multi wrap dress at Walk in Wardrobe

If you have several special events coming up and don’t want to be seen in the same dress then a convertible dress may be the dress for you!  These increasingly popular dresses have been called many things, including convertible dresses, infinity dresses, multi-wrap dresses and twist dresses.  Whatever you decide to call them there is one thing which is guaranteed – they have to be one of the most versatile things to wear since the little black dress.  This dress has limitless style possibilities and can be worn as a halter neck, a high neck, a one shoulder dress, a twisted back dress, a cross back dress.  I’ll end the list here as I could go on forever, but it just goes to show you, the style of this dress can only stretch as far as the imagination!

We have just received these gorgeous full length multi wrap dresses which are made from a stunning, high quality Italian jersey fabric which is crumple-proof, meaning that they are perfect for packing into a suitcase for your holiday – no ironing required!  This fabric is gloriously comfortable and stretchy, and they are fabulous if you have a larger bust in comparison to the rest of your figure – no alterations required!

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