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Prom dresses: High Street vs. Independent Boutiques

Long prom dress £89.99 - UNDER £100!

Long prom dress £89.99 – UNDER £100!

The high street stores are awash with cheap prom dresses galore, so you may be considering going to purchase one from one of the many that are out there.  Your pull towards a high street store may be due to reasons including the big one; because they offer cheaper dresses than more exclusive, independent boutiques.  This is a common misconception amongst many shoppers, at least in our case!  Walk in Wardrobe HQ have been busily sourcing stunningly beautiful dresses for prom 2015, the majority of which either match or beat the high street stores in price!

Whilst high street chain stores do have their place in shopping for fast fashion, I would still not shop in one if I was going to attend a special event.  There are several reasons for this, the main one being that I would want a dress for my special event which screams good quality as well as being unlike anything anyone else would wear.  I wouldn’t settle for anything less, so why should you?!  The dresses we provide are uniquely handpicked by our exceptional buying team who look for:  excellent designs that are not mass-produced, good quality workmanship and good quality fabric.  Our rule of only providing quality items means that if you look after your dress from Walk in Wardrobe well enough, it can last for years, meaning that you are getting true value for money and you will have a distinctive and unique dress which will really make you stand out from the crowd!

Prom dress by Forever Unique 65 RRP £345.

Prom dress by Forever Unique 65 RRP £345.

Secondly, as you are going to a special event, don’t you need special customer service?  The customer service culture amongst high street chain stores is very different to the customer service you can expect from an independent boutique.  We offer a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere where we can take the time to assess the individual customer’s needs and we like to get to know them personally so we can help them choose a dress which will reflect their personality for their special occasion.

Unlike the high street chain stores, we also offer a hiring service, which means that you can get that designer look for a fraction of the cost and it also means that you can save on space in the wardrobe!  We also never release the same dress to the same function, so shopping with us also means that you will never be in that embarrassing situation where you turn up to a function and someone else is wearing the same dress as you!

Prom Trends 2015 at Walk in Wardrobe

We are delighted to once again be in the midst of prom season and are having a fabulous time helping the prom girls pick out their prom dresses and accessories for their big night.  As ever, we like to do our best to be helpful, so this year we have collated together the hottest trends for Prom 2015.

Red Backless Prom Dress

Red Backless Prom Dress



Backless prom dresses

Backless dresses have always been particularly popular on the red carpet, and last year was the year the style trickled down to prom.  This year is no exception, so you can expect to see dresses dipping low, low, low in the back at prom.  If you want to keep an elegant air about you when you wear a backless dress, make sure that you have a high neckline, and you don’t over do it with the accessories; remember that the back is the key feature of this dress, so don’t make your back compete for attention.  This particular style lends itself easily to the classic up-do hairstyle as it keeps the back clear and draws attention to the hair.  The key issue with backless dresses is to make sure that you don’t have your bra on show.  If you are not confident enough to go braless, go for a stick on bra which will give you support whilst giving you the ability to wear your backless dress with confidence.

This elegant red backless prom dress (pictured right) has a classically high neckline and a low, dipped back with gorgeous sparkles encrusted at the base of the back, neckline and straps.  The train offers that little bit extra so you can feel like a Hollywood starlet when you go to prom.



Crystal Encrusted Gold Prom Dress

Crystal Encrusted Gold Prom Dress



Eye-catching crystals and sequins

Whether it is all encrusted or a light scattering of crystals, bling is big for spring!  Bling bling dresses have gained almost iconic status on the red carpets, and again, you can expect to see dresses twinkling and shining at Prom 2015.  Dresses with crystals and sequins look and feel glamorous and are a super way of grabbing attention for that ‘all eyes on you’ grand entrance.  If you are going to be wearing a dress with fully encrusted crystals, be mindful not to go OTT with the accessories or you may run the risk of ‘over-bling’.  Instead opt for subtle pieces of jewellery which compliment the dress, not compete with it.  If you are going for a light scattering of sparkles, you can wear slightly heavier jewellery to bring out the shimmer and shine of the dress.  As with all accessories, go for the same shade of shine as the crystals or sequins to accent the dress.

This truly enchanting, blingy fishtail gold princess dress (pictured left) is the epitome of ‘look at me’ glamour, wear this dress with simple drop earrings and a simple and elegant bracelet, let the dress to the rest of the talking!





Short Lace Prom Dress

Short Lace Prom Dress



Lace dresses are ideal for girls who like a touch of vintage but want to stay contemporary.   Alongside it’s timeless elegance, lace is also incredibly versatile, with an exciting array of colours and underlays of contrasting colours and fabrics.  In short, the possibilities for lace is endless.  We particularly like lace dresses to be fitted with a contrasting underlay of colour to ensure that the lace is shown off to it’s full potential.

Pictured to the right is a lovely little skater style short lace prom dress which is trendy as well as having that touch of elegance with the red lace.  Short dresses are absolutely brilliant if you are a shorter prom girl or if you want to dance the night away without the fear of treading on your dress.  It also gives you the opportunity to show off your pins and your shoes!


Sheer Mesh Fishtail Prom Dress

Sheer Mesh Fishtail Prom Dress



Sheer mesh

These dresses are daring, yet safe, see through, but kinda not!  In short, these dresses add a touch of the risqué whilst remaining oh-so-elegant and sophisticated.  The beauty of these dresses is that they tend to utilise that special illusion panel well and you will usually find that these dresses are embellished with embroidery or sparkle on the see through tulle.  These embellishments give people the illusion of a decorated second skin and allows you to stay modest with a peep of skin.

This stunning taffeta mermaid sheer mesh prom dress pictured to the right has the most beautiful embroidery creeping up the back with sparkles.  This is ideal for those prom queens who want to do those much sought after ‘over the shoulder’ photographs for prom.







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Prom 2014 trend focus: the high low dress

The high low dress has also been aptly named the asymmetric dress, the mullet dress, and, if you’re really really funky, the hi-lo dress.  Regardless of what you call it or how you spell it, the one thing that is agreed is that these dresses are burning up the red carpet and are set to be a really big hot trend for prom 2014.

So what exactly is a high low dress?

Well, it’s exactly as the name suggests: a combination of a long and short dress.  Although high low dresses have been around for a few years now, each year they have increased in popularity.  At the recent Golden Globe Awards ceremony, celebrities such as Sandra Bullock were spotted wearing glamorous high low hems, so if you do decided to sport a high low hem dress to prom, you will certainly be in good company!

What’s so good about a high low dress?

The first great thing about the high low dress is the drama and impact of having a long back skirt wafting and billowing about behind you, making you look every inch the Hollywood starlet!  With their long and elegant back skirts and shorter front hems these dresses are particularly suited to young ladies attending their prom night as these dresses simply scream ‘I look elegant, classy, grown-up and sophisticated, but I’m young and sassy too!’

If you have read my posts before, you are probably aware that I am slightly challenged in the height department, and so I can feel a little swamped in long dresses sometimes.  The high low dress really has been a fantastic alternative for me, giving me the chance to enjoy the full on glamour of wearing a long evening dress whilst retaining the style I feel most comfortable in – a short dress.  The high low dress also gives me the chance to show off my pins and a fabulous pair of shoes, as well as giving me the opportunity to dance the night away in comfort (heel height permitting!) and style.

Designers have twigged on the increase in demand of high low hems, and have come up with many fabulous ways to incorporate a wide range of fabrics such as taffeta, chiffon and contrasting coloured lining for the back skirts.  These fabrics come in a gorgeous array of colours, animal prints etc and many have been jazzed up with sparkles, sequins, bows and ruffles!  Here’s a little peek of some of the styles we have in stock:

Lemon yellow high low chiffon prom dress

Lemon yellow high low chiffon prom dress





I can confirm to you that pastel colours are in again for the prom season, and you can expect to see at prom plenty of champagne, mint green and sorbet coloured dresses.  This gorgeous chiffon floaty high low hem prom dress (pictured left) is simply stunning and, being lemon yellow, fits in perfectly with the summer colour scheme. This dress has darling shimmery rhinestones along the neckline and a low back.  Simple, elegant iridescent jewellery are a perfect match with this dress.


Silver sequin high low dress

Silver sequin high low dress






If you want something really jazzy and sparkly, this head-turning silver sequin high low dress (pictured right) by Dynasty is the one for you!  This dazzling dress has whimsical organza skirts over it’s short, sequinned under dress and boasts a fabulously waist cinching band to give you a stunning shape.  Don’t be tempted to over accessorize this dress, keep everything simple and let this dress do all the talking!


Forever Unique animal print high low hem dress

Forever Unique animal print high low hem dress





If animal print is your thing then why not try this stunning leopard print high low corset dress by Forever Unique?  This dress is the ultimate in modern style with it’s body con mini dress top half and long flowing chiffons skirts behind.  This dress looks fantastic with neutral accessories such as black, silver and gold.


Block colour high low hem dress

Block colour high low hem dress







This beautiful high low hem taffeta dress (pictured right) is glamorous, fun and flirty with it’s contrasting blue colour lining to the underskirt.  The bodice on this dress is fully structured and comes down a little lower than other high low hem dresses, giving it more of a mermaid shape than the others.  This dress looks stunning with black shoes and accents of blue accessories such as our blue mini bangles.




What accessories to wear with a blue dress

Blue has always been a particularly influential colour in the fashion world and it has often frequented the red carpet on celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Kylie Minogue.  So why has blue been a colour which has stood the test of time amongst fashionistas?  The answer is simple – blue is powerful, regal, commanding and uber-stunning!  Blue is also a fabulous colour due to it’s versatility; being a colour where there are unquestionably hundreds of different shades, it would be truly impossible to be unable to find a hue of blue which suits you!

One question which has often cropped up is what accessories go with a blue dress?  One thing I would like to say is to make sure that you are not over-doing blue, a blue dress with tonnes of blue jewellery can render you looking rather smurf-like – a BIG fashion faux pas!  Instead, opt for a complimentary colour, as blue looks great with a variety of colours, you can be fairly flexible when it comes to accessories.

Midnight blue full sequin dress

Midnight blue full sequin dress



This gorgeously stunning full sequinned dress in midnight (or navy!) blue with black lace trim is gorgeous if you want to wear a dark colour to your event but you want something a little softer than black.  Features of the dress include adjustable straps at the back to ensure perfect fit with full support and a thigh high split for that sexy-but-classy look.  Being sparkly, this dress is pretty versatile when it comes to accessories.  You could compliment the dress and offset the black lace trim with some matching black accessories.  If you are going to go for black accessories make sure you stay away from anything too chunky, instead opt for black strappy sandals and delicate black crystal earrings and a bangle to keep in line with the elegance of the dress.  Another option with this dress is to wear silver sparkles to really bring out the shine of the sequins.  If you are going for silvery sparkles, make sure that you opt for delicate silver shoes accordingly.

High neck backless dress in royal blue

High neck backless dress in royal blue





This undeniably beautiful royal blue high neck backless dress (pictured right) is the perfect dress for a black tie event or prom.  With it’s silver sparkly rhinestone neckline and back, there really is only one option for this dress when it comes to accessories – silver.  Couple this dress with glitzy silver shoes, a silver diamanté bangle and some diamanté twinkles in your ear lobes.  With this dress it’s probably best to stay away from a necklace as it can make the neckline look too cluttered.  If you do want to wear a necklace, choose one with a thin chain and a very long drop and wear it in reverse so the drop cascades down your exposed back for a real top celebrity, red carpet look!


Stretchy blue long sleeved pencil dress

Stretchy blue long sleeved pencil dress



This dress is a really lovely desk to dinner dress, and due to the fact that it is plain (but beautifully cut!) you can really have a lot of fun with the accessories and really go over the top.  Quite simply, there are countless ways to accessorize this dress, if you are going out for the evening in this dress and want to look particularly glamorous, team it up with silver or gold sparkles and a pair of dramatic earrings.  However, if you are wearing this dress in the day time, I think this dress looks particularly funky with neon coloured accessories, in particular a bright pink.  If you do decide to go 80’s neon with the accessories, choose chunky jewellery to make a real statement.

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Stunning white prom dresses

Each year we are seeing a rise in young ladies opting for white dresses for their prom, and we definitely expect this trend to grow further over the years.  Formal white dresses are not reserved exclusively for your wedding day and can be an excellent choice for a prom dress as they give you an elegant and feminine look.  White also looks fabulous on a wide variety of skin tones and hair colours and because of it’s neutral hue, it’s easy to accessorize and looks very classy with either silver or gold.  Likewise, it’s also very easy for your date to accessorize accordingly!

When choosing your white prom dress it’s important that you choose a stunningly gorgeous dress which you can feel really proud of, here are just a few options when it comes to considering your white prom dress:

Long white prom dresses

Long floaty chiffon ivory colour prom dress

Long floaty chiffon ivory colour prom dress

Regal Grecian long prom gown

Regal Grecian long prom gown


Long white dresses are always timeless classics, these two dresses are perfect examples of how white dresses can differ so much in their styles to give completely different looks, but nevertheless, they are just as gorgeous as one another!

Left dress:  This one shoulder floaty ivory prom dress is the epitome of glamour with a gorgeous full chiffon skirt with a beaded, embellished waist band leading to the beautifully draped skirt to give a dreamy, whimsical prom look.

Right dress:  This simple yet stunning one shoulder Grecian dress is a true red carpet dress as worn by top celebrity Liz Hurley in OK! Magazine.  This flattering gown is made from a top quality French jersey and makes the taller girl look very statuesque, and it appears to elongate the smaller girl.

White prom  princess ballgown

White prom princess ballgown

Full sequin fishtail prom dress

Full sequin fishtail prom dress





Long white prom ball gowns

If you would rather go for a fairy tale Cinderella gown, a white ball gown is the dress for you.

Right dress: in this gorgeous a-line, jewel encrusted ball gown you will really stand out as the prom princess and will have you twirling in tulle at your prom with the full skirts.

Left dress: if the full ball gown is too much for you but you still want the ball gown effect why not opt for a fishtail ball gown to give you a gorgeous shape and plenty of wow!  This full sequin silver and white fishtail emphasizes your curves and elongates your height.  This dress looks stunning with gorgeous silver crystal jewellery.


Short white prom dresses

White mini prom dress by Forever Unique

White mini prom dress by Forever Unique

Ivory sparkly stiletto shoes - the perfect prom shoes to go with your dress!

Ivory sparkly stiletto shoes – the perfect prom shoes to go with your dress!


Short prom dresses are a bit of a favourite of mine mainly because you get to show off some fabulous shoes and they are great if you intend to be doing a lot of dancing on the night!  If, like me you are slightly vertically challenged, a short prom dress can be great if you want to look just a little bit taller.  This gorgeous dress by Forever Unique to the left is a perfect little white prom dress with silver sequins, and is an absolute steal at just £39.99.  Although this is a dress which is cheap in price, it is flawless in quality!   These white sparkly prom shoes complete this dress perfectly and the platform front make them comfortable and easy to wear, which can only mean one thing – more dancing!

I have had a few customers who are concerned about their daughters wearing a white dress to prom as it is traditionally a colour reserved for a bride on her wedding day.  However, I would just like to say that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a prom dress.  If a young lady going to prom feels utterly fabulous in a white prom gown, then that is the colour she must go for.  After all, if she is wearing a colour to prom that she does not feel comfortable in, she is going to miss out on the most important thing at prom – having fun.




Could the ‘little beige dress’ take over from the ‘little black dress’?

It has become apparent in the last few months that the little beige dress could well be taking over from the little black dress in the UK.  These barely-there hues have been super-popular both on the catwalk and with our customers who are seeing a classy, sophisticated look.  Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham are particular fans of the nude coloured dress, but if you want that celebrity look for a fraction of the cost, our boutique is the place to be!

Beige coloured pencil dresses

Classic beige pencil dress

Classic beige pencil dress

Nothing says sexy-but-classy like a pencil dress does.  So if you add the elegant colour of nude to a sexy-but-classy dress, you are on to a real winner.  Our customers have found that these versatile little dresses are perfect for the workplace, lunch with the girls or are fantastic dresses for ladies day at the races.

Beige coloured maxi dresses

Beige one shoulder chiffon maxi dress

Beige one shoulder chiffon maxi dress

Nude is a fabulous colour for a maxi dress, my own personal favourite for a beige maxi is this one shoulder Grecian style long dress with a lace bust.  This dress is floaty, elegant and whimsical, guaranteeing that all eyes will be on you for all the right reasons!  This dress is the perfect dress for prom, black tie events, and would make gorgeous bridesmaid dresses.

What accessories go with beige dresses?

One of the great things about beige is that it’s so easy to accessorise!  Nude shoes go fabulously with a nude colour dress (providing you can find a similar colour-hue match), or virtually every other colour you could think of would match.  If you are wearing a nude dress and want to add some extra colour to the mix, try to match your accessory colours with each other.  If you are lucky enough to be going to the races this year, we have a gorgeous range of hats which will go fabulously with your dress.

So what do you think?  Could it be the little beige dress rather than the little black dress?  Let us know!

Beige race day hat - a great match for a nude dress!

Beige race day hat – a great match for a nude dress!


Nude sparkly bracelet

Nude sparkly bracelet

Mermaid fishtail prom dresses at Walk in Wardrobe.


The silver fishtail mermaid prom dress just minutes after it arrived at the boutique!

I was in awe when I opened the delivery box the other day and found an absolutely gorgeous, shimmering silver fishtail dress.  There has been a growing demand from prom girls for mermaid dresses, and it’s easy to understand why.

The mermaid gown typically has a fitted bodice, waist and hip to emphasize that gorgeous, dramatic flare at the bottom, coming out from either the lower thigh or knee.  In return, the flare offers an undeniable emphasis to the nipped in waist, allowing you to show off your curves on prom night.

To me, mermaid dresses are the epitome of Hollywood glamour, are timeless classics and are exquisitely feminine.  Here are just some of the reasons why I love them so much:

11_Sous Smartie F

Head turning strapless fishtail prom dress

Mermaid dresses are suitable for all body shapes

If you are a curvy lady, the cut of these dresses emphasizes your curves and draws attention to the smallest part of your body – your waist.  This is definitely one of the best dress styles for you if you have an hourglass figure.

If you are petite with a straighter figure, the bottom flare of these dresses appear to give a bit more shape and can give the illusion of a curvy-er figure and appears to elongate.

Fishtail dresses are undeniably glamorous

This style of dress has been adorned many times on the red carpet by celebrities, and they are timeless classics which will never go out of style.  They give the most glamorous couture-style silhouette which is both sexy and classy.

There are so many different styles of the fishtail dress, we believe that it would be impossible not to be able to find one that you fall in love with……

Don’t underestimate the short prom dress!

9_WiW cody tu tu smallest

Stunning short tutu prom dress

We usually have a 50/50 split when it comes to prom girls going for long or short prom dresses, but this year we have noticed that the majority are going for long gowns.  Long prom dresses are undeniably gorgeous and stunning, but don’t underestimate the short prom dress – they can still make you look like a knockout on your special night!  Don’t restrict yourself by thinking that long dresses are formal and that short are casual.  Providing the dress is glamorous enough, and you feel happy and confident, a short dress would be perfect for your prom.  Here are some of the reasons why I love short prom dresses:

Short prom dresses are versatile

Short prom dresses have the added benefit of being very versatile, you can dress them up for formal occasions such as prom, or you can dress them down for a more relaxed occasion such as a birthday party.  With all the different events you will be able to wear your short prom dress to, you really would get value for money! 

Short prom dresses are great for dancing in

Another great thing about short prom dresses is that you can dance the night away without the worry of getting your shoes caught in the hem of your dress.  You also don’t have to worry about holding the front of the dress up when you walk.

You can show off your prom shoes with a short dress

22_Shoes Sarah sparkly black

Sparkly stiletto shoes for prom!

Less dress means more chance to show off your fabulous prom shoes.  We recommend wearing wedges with long dresses to prevent the hem from getting torn, but with your short dress you  have no restrictions!  You can go for wedges, stilettos, or even little sparkly ballerina style pumps.

This blog post is not intended to deter girls from getting a long prom dress, all I’m saying is that prom girls should keep an open mind and should not restrict their choices.  The key to choosing the right prom dress is that you love what you are wearing and you love the way the dress makes you feel when you are wearing it.  You will have great memories of your prom, and you will keep the photographs of prom forever, so long or short, go for a dress you feel fabulous in!




Elegant and classy black dresses for prom.

This year we have witnessed a growing number of requests for black prom dresses, and it’s easy to see why!  Black prom dresses are: sophisticated, grown up, chic and classy.  In response to this, we have sourced a number of beautiful black prom dresses to ensure that you have the perfect dress for your special night.

Long black prom dresses


One of our hottest selling prom dresses!


Celebrity favourite one shoulder Forever Unique dress

 Long black dresses are always timeless classics.  These two styles are two of the most popular prom dresses at the boutique for several reasons:  both are made from a comfortable stretch jersey which gracefully cascades down to the floor and both have stunning silver beaded embellishments which really stand out against the black fabric.

Left dress:  This is one of my own personal favourites as I am a big fan of the backless dress.  However, this particular dress also has the benefit of intricate straps across the back which can make ladies feel less exposed and a bit more secure.

Right dress:  This dress is a hot celebrity one shoulder favourite by Forever Unique and has been spotted on the red carpet on celebs such as Lucy Meck from TOWIE.  This dress has a gorgeously sassy cutout and slit at the front which adds a touch of sexiness whilst still being classy!

black prom 1

A shimmering, show stopping A-line silver and black ballgown


Elegant and classic fishtail black ballgown with lace and beading







If you want a Cinderella style black ballgown as a prom dress we have a real show stopping black and silver A-line dress (right) which is guaranteed to really turn heads on your prom night!  If this is too much, then you can always rely on the trusty fishtail ballgown (left) to give you a gorgeous shape and a lot of wow.  This particular dress has a truly elegant lace embellishment on the bodice.


Short black prom dresses


Short black feather prom dress with beaded bodice


Black tutu prom dress by Forever Unique



I really love short dresses as it gives me the excuse to show off some fabulous shoes!  These two short black cocktail prom dresses are fun, flirty and cute, and also fabulous if you intend to do a lot of dancing on prom night!

Left: This gorgeous little prom dress has the most stunning beaded bodice, ultra fun mini feather skirt and has that much sought after corset back.

Right:  fun and flirty black tulle prom dress with silver embellishment and sweetheart neckline.

This year, black dresses have really taken the school proms in the UK by storm, and I expect this to be a growing trend as time goes on.  I have had a few concerned customers who have questioned whether it is ok to wear black to a prom, to which I have answered that there are no hard and fast rules.  If a young lady going to prom feels stylish and comfortable in a black dress, then that is the colour she must go for.  After all, if she’s in a colour which she is not comfortable in, she is going to miss out on the most important thing at prom – having fun.