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Mother of the Bride Dress Suit Outfit nude

Gorgeous Mother of the Bride Jacquard Dress Suit

Being the Mother of the Bride or Groom is one of the most exciting events in a mother’s life, so congratulations on your daughters/sons wedding!  On this very special day you will be playing a big role, and because of who you are you will have special status, so you will have to look fabulous.  We would like to offer a few tips on how to achieve this:

Start the search for you Mother of the Bride (MOB) outfit early.

Don’t leave it to the last minute as you are more likely to panic buy a dress which is not right for you.

Don’t feel that you can’t buy a dress because it is ‘too early’.

We have had a couple of ladies in the past who have fallen into this trap.  These ladies found their perfect dresses a year in advance of the wedding, only to come back a few weeks before the wedding to find that the dress is out of stock.  If you find your perfect MOB dress, snap it up as soon as you find it, because no matter how many other shops you look in, you can’t improve on perfection.

Don’t panic, seek help in the right places! 

Our MOB section is a permanent fixture at the boutique and we always have a gorgeous range of MOB outfits in stock.  Our team of experienced stylists are always happy to help mums find their perfect outfits.

Unique lacy Mother of the Bride dress and jacket

Unique lacy Mother of the Bride dress and jacket

Choose a figure flattering and personality co-ordinated style.

Our stylists will know exactly what style will suit your shape, and we take the time to get to know our customers so we will be able to find you a dress which will suit your personality to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable on the big day.

Choose your fabric.

We have a gorgeous selection of dresses in much sought after, quality fabrics such as Jacquard, taffeta, chiffon, lace, and stretchy bengaline.  This is very much down to personal choice, so have a think about what you would feel comfortable in for the day and what you will be in charge of, for example, if you are going to be looking after your grandchildren, you might want to go for a bengaline which will give you free movement.

Choose a colour which will suit you.

We will be able to help you choose not only a colour which will suit you, but we will also be able to advise you on colours which will compliment the colour scheme of the wedding (neutral colours such as nude or champagne are always fantastic if you can’t find a perfect match).  If we don’t have a particular colour in stock, we may be able to order a dress in for you in the colour you require.

Accessorise accordingly, take advantage of our hard work!

We’ve done most of the hard work for you by carefully selecting accessories which match our dresses such as shoes, fascinators and hats.  If you want a different colour to what we have in stock, some of our hair fascinators can be made in different colours just for you!

Don’t forget that you can also rent your MOB suit or dress for the big day, so you can get that fabulous designer look for a fraction of the cost!

If you are a mother of the bride and need any extra help, please feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you!