Skater dresses

Reasons to love the skater dress

Lace skater dress

Lace skater dress

Skater dresses are fast becoming a staple dress for the summer, and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and fashionistas across the globe are succumbing to the flared skirts and nipped in waists that a skater dress offers.  The skater dress is a modern, fun and flirty alternative to the A-line dress.  The A-line is narrow at the waist, and gently flares out the bottom, giving you (as the name suggests) an A shape.  Skater dresses are similar, but are more defined, with a sharper nipped in waist, is shorter than a traditional A-line dress, and flares out more to give it a shape similar to what an ice skater would wear.  Hence the name!

Are skater dresses flattering?

The only way to answer this is with one word – yes!  The smallest part of any woman is the waist, but this can be hidden with ill fitting or looser clothing.  The skater dress’s simple structure at the bust which goes towards the sharply nipped in waist and comes out to the (usually) full pleated, hip skimming skirt gives the illusion of an hourglass shape.   

Shoes and accessories to wear with a skater dress.

One of the things I love about skater dresses is that they are so versatile.  They can be dressed up for a smart casual event, or can be dressed down as a day dress.  If you are wearing your skater dress for a more formal event, team it up with a pair of heels or a pair of heeled sandals.  Make sure you have lots of sparkly accessories to jazz it up.

If you intending to wear your skater dress as a day dress, you can dress it down with a pair of pumps or chunky shoes or sandals.  If you want to keep a bit warmer in your day time skater dress, you can even add leggings for a more casual look.  For a really cute 1950’s style look, you can team up the dress with some girly, frilly socks (this also adds to the figure-skater feel and will keep your tootsies warm!).  This is a fabulous dress which you can carry on wearing into the autumn time, just add a cardigan for warmth.

Skater dresses at WiW

This beige lace and black skirted skater dress (pictured) has been a fantastic addition to the Walk in Wardrobe range.  This skater dress is slightly dressier than the ones you would find on the high street due to it’s lace bust and lace sleeves.  The skirt of the dress is made out of a gorgeously high quality weighted fabric, meaning that you will be able to walk around confidently even if there is a strong summer breeze!