Red prom dresses at Walk in Wardrobe

Stunning red corset prom dress with silver embellishment

Stunning red corset prom dress with silver embellishment

I am very rarely wearing any other colour but red, and so I am always thrilled when our prom girls come to the boutique seeking red dresses for their special night.  On prom night you will want to make a lasting impression, and red is definitely a colour no one will miss!  Red is a great colour if you want to look commanding, confident and absolutely stunning.  It is also a very versatile colour in the sense that it compliments a wide range of skin tones.  It goes without saying that red looks great with dark hair and dark eyes and can make you look really exotic a la Penelope Cruz.  However, we have had some mums at the boutique with their blond daughters who want a red prom dress and they are concerned that their daughters may look ‘tarty’ in red.  Well, I would argue that you only have to look at the stunningly sophisticated Jerry Hall in red to realise that this is definitely NOT the case.

Make up to go with a red dress

In all honesty, red is not the easiest of colours to match your make up to.  My own particular favourite tricks for a real bombshell look are to choose a lipstick with matches the shade of the dress and to have a nice black flick out with a liquid eye liner on the top eyelids and some black eye liner on the inner rims of the bottom of your eyelids.  A light shimmery eye shadow will make the dark eye liner stand out more, thus making your eyes look more defined.  Finish up this look with a thickening black mascara for dramatic and defined lashes.

If you don’t like to wear too much make up, you can go for a more natural look by putting a slight rose colour on your cheeks and use a natural, shimmer lipstick in a nude colour and a little soft eye liner at the outer corners of your eyelids.  I find that this looks fabulous on fair girls.

Classy one shoulder long red prom dress with cutouts

Classy one shoulder long red prom dress with cutouts

How to wear your hair with a red prom dress

With a red prom dress you really want to let the red colour do the talking, so go for a simple hairstyle to avoid looking too over the top.  Try an up-do with a few trails of hair framing your face or some carefree loose waves if you want to have your hair down.  Having your hair trailing down one shoulder is also a great look, especially if you are wearing a dress with a feature back.

Accessories to go with a red dress

If you are going for a red dress keep away from red accessories as this can lead to the accessories blending in with the dress too much and it can be a bit too much.  If there is some sparkle on your dress, match the accessory colour to the embellishments as they will make the beading stand out.  Gold accessories look great with red if you want a regal look and silver looks fabulous if you want a young, fun yet mature look.