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At what age should you stop wearing leggings? – NEVER!

Thick, firm snake print leggings - £95

Thick, firm snake print leggings – £95

I’m not sure what officer of the style police said that you shouldn’t wear leggings past 40, but they are so wrong! I’m always amazed how controversial leggings seem to be. In my opinion, they are a stylish item of clothing for any age and are a must for the winter months.

How to wear leggings (and look amazing!).

1. Always splash out the cash and buy leggings which are great quality.

The only thin fabrics which should adorn your pegs are tights. Opt for good quality, thick fabrics which are firm with good stretch. Wearing firmer leggings is important as they will give your legs a great shape with smooth lines. With great quality leggings, you will feel effortlessly elegant and super confident! The added benefit of good quality leggings is that they are a fashion investment and last longer. You’ll also have that feeling of wearing trousers whilst being comfortable wearing leggings!

2. Patterns or plain?

Well that is a judgement call on your part! Patterned leggings are fun and can make a real fashion statement. If you’re not particularly brave, opt for subtle prints or one colour embossed patterns. Always team up patterned leggings with a plainer top. Likewise, if you are going for plain leggings, you can go wild with a top which has bold patterns. Plain with plain is also a great look, just make sure you have a few accessories to break it up. Faux leather or PVC are great for an edgy look and look brilliant with slouchy tops.

Stillettos with black snake print leggings

Stillettos with black snake print leggings



3. What top should I wear with leggings?

I always feel more comfortable coupling my leggings with a longer top or jumper dress. Usually somewhere between the top of my legs and just above the knee. If you’ve only got shorter tops to hand, just add a long cardigan for instant warmth and style. As an alternative, you could wear a top with a

high low hem (i.e. longer at the back, shorter at the front). These high low tops look ultra modern, cool and carefree. You could even try this look with a blazer. For a more boho look, wear your leggings with a short top, throw on a poncho and slip on some furry boots.

4. Shoes

Shoes are really easy when it comes to leggings, stilettos and flats both look great. Knee high boots look brilliant with leggings and have the added bonus of keeping your calves warm. Leggings also look super cute with wintery type boots such as snow boots or Ugg style boots.

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What should ladies wear to a black tie event?

Gorgeous fishtail satin peacock gown a great dress which adheres to that all important black tie event dress code!

Gorgeous fishtail satin peacock gown a great dress which adheres to that all important black tie event dress code!

From now to December the social calendar is awash with black tie events, and many of our first time customers come to us having just received a black tie invitation and are in a panic as to what to wear.  The black tie dress code has been modernized over time, but one thing has stayed the same:  black tie events are gorgeously sumptuous, important social events!  So, before you dip into your wardrobe, just make sure that you are aware that black tie means formal event and you will be expected to dress appropriatelyHowever, don’t feel daunted by this concept; instead, see it as your big opportunity to show yourself off in a stunning gown and some statement pieces of jewellery.

Compared to men, women have to go through a much more complicated process when choosing their black tie outfits, but the staff at Walk in Wardrobe are here to help.  Outlined below are a few tips and tricks to help you shine at your black tie event.

Can I wear a cocktail dress to a black tie event?

Black tie events usually mean that you will need to wear a full length gown, but as time has gone on, there has been some relaxation to this rule and some women prefer to opt for a knee length dress.  However, caution must be exercised if you decide to go for a short black tie dress as cocktail dresses can be considered semiformal and you may feel underdressed in a short dress.  If you do go for a short dress, make sure it’s as glitzy and glamorous as possible, and do not go for a minidress.  Do remember though that it’s not every day you get to wear a floor length gown – so if I were you, I would take full advantage!

Do I have to dress conservatively for a black tie event?

Do not limit yourself to a conservative dress, try to keep modern and sexy whilst maintaining a touch of class.  A plunging neckline or a backless dress can definitely be styles which are appropriate, but try to steer clear of anything too revealing, e.g. a backless dress with a plunging neckline and a thigh high slit, remember, it’s all about looking classy!

What colour dress can I wear to a black tie event?

There are no limitations for colour when it comes to choosing your black tie dress, so you can be pretty daring when it comes to the colour you pick, so be confident and play with colour, bold colours can be really attention grabbing!

What accessories should I wear to a black tie event?

At black tie events you can really show off your jewellery, but it’s really important not to go overboard and to accessorise well.  Choose a necklace and a pair of earrings which go with the outfit or a complimentary colour.  If you are unable to find a good match, go for a nice neutral colour for your jewellery, for example, clear sparkles or silver or gold jewellery.  Choose a clutch bag which matches any embellishments your dress may have or matches your jewellery, but try to stay away from an exact match to the dress as it can blend in too much with your outfit.  A stole to go around your shoulders works fantastically for a winter event, giving you that touch of Hollywood glamour whilst keeping you warm.

Our team at Walk in Wardrobe are very well versed in what to wear for a black tie event, if you have any other questions just leave it in the comments box below!