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Beware of scam companies if buying your prom dress online!


We are gearing up for prom season at the boutique, and what a gorgeous array of dresses we have!  We have top brands such as Forever Unique to ensure that all eyes are on you for prom (and for the right reasons!).  However, once again we are getting prom girls into the boutique who mention that they are also considering buying made to order dresses online.  I know that I did a blog entry on this issue last year, but with the surge of problems some of our customers had prior to shopping at Walk in Wardrobe with these online scammers I would like to try to help prevent the same situation happening to you.

In the latter part of our busy prom season we had so many prom girls at the boutique desperately asking us to ‘save the day’ as they had tried to purchase dresses from scam websites.  Many of those companies were advertised as being based in the USA, but in reality they were based in China and were using illegal pictures of designer dresses to advertise their wares.  Could you really part with your hard earned money and place your trust in a company who cannot even be honest about their location?  Could they really be the company who will deliver you your perfect dress?

One customer complained that after they purchased a dress online which failed to turn up she unsuccessfully tried to repeatedly contact the company and she ended up losing £500!  The company was completely uncontactable and untraceable.  Others complained that they have gone through stressful situations where they have ordered a dress online and have found that the dress which arrived to their door looked completely different to the one which was advertised on the website where they have purchased it from.  We cannot stress the importance of trying on prom dresses and it is important to remember that the dresses photographed on these websites could be hoax photos, or at least will be of models who have been pinned into the dress in order to fit their body shape.  Just because the dress looks amazing on the model does not mean that the dress will look amazing on you!

Fortunately all staff at our boutique have clocked up many years of experience specifically in the prom industry and will be able to find you your perfect prom dress.   We also offer a hiring service, so if costs are driving you to a cheap website, do consider this as an option as you can get that fabulous designer look for a fraction of the cost!  Lastly, if you risk getting a dress from one of these websites it could leave you with little choice at the last minute.  We never release the same dress to the same prom, so dresses are going to be getting booked up quickly!

If you are considering purchasing or hiring your dress online, make sure that you go with a reputable company such as ours.  I promise that it will take out the stress of online shopping!  Do not allow yourself to be scammed and to have your big day ruined.  Remember, if the price is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.