Hot pants

Hot pants are so chic at Walk in Wardrobe!

Black and beige sequin hot pants suit

Black and beige sequin hot pants suit

The ladies of Hove appear to be taking full advantage of this sudden heat wave in and have dug out their hot pants which managed to get stuck at the back of their wardrobes during the prolonged winter.  However, hot pants are not only reserved for everyday wear, you can also wear them out for  a glam evening event.  These jazzy evening hot pants have been dubbed ‘posh pants‘ by fashionistas, and they are fabulous if you want to look modern and sexy on a night out.

What are hot pants?

Hot pants were launched in London by Mary Quant in the 1960’s and grew in popularity during the 1970’s on the disco dance floor.  Hot pants can be typically defined as short shorts and are generally shorter than a mini skirt (but unlike the mini skirt, it has the bonus of not riding up too high and staying in place!).

What’s the difference between hot pants and ‘posh pants’?

Hot pants are generally worn throughout a sunny day and are more casual, whereas posh pants are more elegant, stylish and chic.  They are usually more jazzy than your everyday hot pants being sequinned and or sparkly!

Hot pant outfit at Walk in Wardrobe

It can be intimidating wearing hot pants, but please feel rest assured that we have sourced a fantastic and unique hot pant suit (pictured left), which will make you feel glamorous, sexy and above all classy.  The see through nude coloured top is broken up by gorgeous embellishments of black lace, beads and sequins, and matches perfectly with the high waisted, black sequin shorts.

For a steaming hot look, match this outfit with some sexy, glitzy high heels.  If you are particularly concerned about showing off your legs, team up the hot pant suit with a pair of sheer tights to give you a bit more confidence.

As we don’t know how long the summer will last for in the UK, I suggest you take full advantage of the heat, channel your inner Kylie Minogue, and get yourself some ‘posh pants’.  In our hot pant outfit, we can guarantee that all eyes will be on you, for all the right reasons!