Prom Dress Trends 2016

Prom 2016 is upon us and we have been busy at the boutique helping prom girls from all across Sussex and beyond get ready for their big day. There are some amazing trends for 2016, ranging from fun and sweet cocktail dresses to elegant, sensational long gowns. We’ve picked out some real wow factor trends so you can shimmer the night away at prom this year – which will you choose?

Illusion prom dress

Illusion prom dress




Illusion prom dresses
We’ve always been big fans of illusion prom dresses, especially if the illusion panel has a bit of dazzle on it! Illusion panels are usually made out of tulle fabric and have sparkly gems attached to them. These tulle panels are usually on the neckline, on the back, or on the waist area of the dress. Great for any prom girl who wants to be elegant and classy.




Floaty chiffon prom dress

Floaty chiffon prom dress





Floaty chiffon prom dresses

This style is a staple when it comes to prom dresses, and it is a firm favourite again this year. Made from floaty chiffons and flowing lightweight silky fabrics, their elegant floaty skirts are very popular with girls who want that fairy tale look for their prom. If in doubt when choosing your floaty dress, just ask yourself ‘what would Elsa from Frozen do?’




Long lace prom dress

Long lace prom dress






Lace prom dresses
Lace was a massive trend for prom 2015, and it’s back again for prom 2016. Lace dresses are timeless classics with their exquisite lacy details.






Mermaid prom dress

Mermaid prom dress





Mermaid prom dresses
Often seen on the red carpet, the mermaid dress has been another staple when it comes to prom fashion, and it shows no sign of going out of style any time soon! This type of dress is typically fitted down to the knee or the mid-thigh and comes out sharply from that point to emulate a mermaid’s shape.




Short prom dress

Short prom dress





Short prom dresses
Tutu style cocktail dresses are perfect for fun loving prom girls who want to show off a fabulous pair of shoes! These dresses are super practical if you want to dance the night away.




Stay stylish prom girl!

Prom Trends 2015 at Walk in Wardrobe

We are delighted to once again be in the midst of prom season and are having a fabulous time helping the prom girls pick out their prom dresses and accessories for their big night.  As ever, we like to do our best to be helpful, so this year we have collated together the hottest trends for Prom 2015.

Red Backless Prom Dress

Red Backless Prom Dress



Backless prom dresses

Backless dresses have always been particularly popular on the red carpet, and last year was the year the style trickled down to prom.  This year is no exception, so you can expect to see dresses dipping low, low, low in the back at prom.  If you want to keep an elegant air about you when you wear a backless dress, make sure that you have a high neckline, and you don’t over do it with the accessories; remember that the back is the key feature of this dress, so don’t make your back compete for attention.  This particular style lends itself easily to the classic up-do hairstyle as it keeps the back clear and draws attention to the hair.  The key issue with backless dresses is to make sure that you don’t have your bra on show.  If you are not confident enough to go braless, go for a stick on bra which will give you support whilst giving you the ability to wear your backless dress with confidence.

This elegant red backless prom dress (pictured right) has a classically high neckline and a low, dipped back with gorgeous sparkles encrusted at the base of the back, neckline and straps.  The train offers that little bit extra so you can feel like a Hollywood starlet when you go to prom.



Crystal Encrusted Gold Prom Dress

Crystal Encrusted Gold Prom Dress



Eye-catching crystals and sequins

Whether it is all encrusted or a light scattering of crystals, bling is big for spring!  Bling bling dresses have gained almost iconic status on the red carpets, and again, you can expect to see dresses twinkling and shining at Prom 2015.  Dresses with crystals and sequins look and feel glamorous and are a super way of grabbing attention for that ‘all eyes on you’ grand entrance.  If you are going to be wearing a dress with fully encrusted crystals, be mindful not to go OTT with the accessories or you may run the risk of ‘over-bling’.  Instead opt for subtle pieces of jewellery which compliment the dress, not compete with it.  If you are going for a light scattering of sparkles, you can wear slightly heavier jewellery to bring out the shimmer and shine of the dress.  As with all accessories, go for the same shade of shine as the crystals or sequins to accent the dress.

This truly enchanting, blingy fishtail gold princess dress (pictured left) is the epitome of ‘look at me’ glamour, wear this dress with simple drop earrings and a simple and elegant bracelet, let the dress to the rest of the talking!





Short Lace Prom Dress

Short Lace Prom Dress



Lace dresses are ideal for girls who like a touch of vintage but want to stay contemporary.   Alongside it’s timeless elegance, lace is also incredibly versatile, with an exciting array of colours and underlays of contrasting colours and fabrics.  In short, the possibilities for lace is endless.  We particularly like lace dresses to be fitted with a contrasting underlay of colour to ensure that the lace is shown off to it’s full potential.

Pictured to the right is a lovely little skater style short lace prom dress which is trendy as well as having that touch of elegance with the red lace.  Short dresses are absolutely brilliant if you are a shorter prom girl or if you want to dance the night away without the fear of treading on your dress.  It also gives you the opportunity to show off your pins and your shoes!


Sheer Mesh Fishtail Prom Dress

Sheer Mesh Fishtail Prom Dress



Sheer mesh

These dresses are daring, yet safe, see through, but kinda not!  In short, these dresses add a touch of the risqué whilst remaining oh-so-elegant and sophisticated.  The beauty of these dresses is that they tend to utilise that special illusion panel well and you will usually find that these dresses are embellished with embroidery or sparkle on the see through tulle.  These embellishments give people the illusion of a decorated second skin and allows you to stay modest with a peep of skin.

This stunning taffeta mermaid sheer mesh prom dress pictured to the right has the most beautiful embroidery creeping up the back with sparkles.  This is ideal for those prom queens who want to do those much sought after ‘over the shoulder’ photographs for prom.







If you have questions about prom styles why not tweet us @walkinwardrobe with the hastag #askwalkinwardrobe

AW14 fashion trends

AW14 is just around the corner and we’re so excited we just can’t keep our Autumn/Winter lines to ourselves!  The AW14 catwalks are positively awash with tactile textiles, bold colours, colourful, modern prints and asymmetric designs.  At Walk in Wardrobe we have been busily sourcing our favourite AW14 collections and putting together our lookbook for the upcoming fashion season.  Here are just a few items from our favourite trends we will either be getting very soon, or have just landed in at the boutique!

Printed AW14 long sleeved dress

Printed AW14 long sleeved dress



Arty Prints

Arty prints are in with a bang next season with stunning, colourful prints adorning the catwalk.  The dress pictured left is from one of our brand new labels at the boutique and is a perfect blend of fresh, colourful prints with enough of an autumnal edge to make the outfits feel not too summery.  Long sleeved dresses such as this one are also perfect for the Autumn when the sunshine hides from us a little bit, but there is still a comfortable level of heat.  Long sleeves also have the advantage of hiding the arms (if that is a concern for you) and they look chic, sophisticated and utterly fabulous!  This particular dress has the added advantage of streamlining panels down the sides to give you a great shape around the hips.

The key thing to remember with this trend is that bold is better, so this gives you the leeway to go wild and express yourself!




White top and skirt with chunky zip

White top and skirt with chunky zip




Chunky Zips

Next season, don’t be afraid to show some teeth (naturally I am talking about the teeth on zips!).  Zips obviously have a very functional aspect to them (can you imagine a world where they hadn’t been invented?), but for AW14, they are taking on a much more decorative role and appeared all over the place on the catwalks.

Zips are often associated with grunge fashion, stemming from the punk era, but we feel that there is no reason why this AW14 trend can’t have a touch of femininity too!  This top pictured right has a lovely little feature front zip where the skirt has a full length feature zip going up the centre of the back.  It is made out of clever, award winning stretch fabric which moulds to the contours of your figure.  The gorgeous, girly lace cut out lace trim keeps the outfit ladylike whilst keeping a slight edginess with chunky zips.  This outfit also comes in black which makes it perfect for the wintery months.




AW14 pencil dress in cobalt blue

AW14 pencil dress in cobalt blue



Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue has been a staple amongst AW collections for a few years now, and for this AW14, it shows no signs of going away any time soon (thankfully!).  Cobalt blue is bright, punchy yet not too light for autumn and winter.  The other fabulous thing about going for this colour is that you can mix it up with the other key fashion trend for the season – neon.  Couple this gorgeous dress with bright yellow or even bright pink for a modern twist on an 80’s favourite (yes, it IS possible to have a touch of the 80’s without donning those MC Hammer pants and still be modern, classy and high end!)

This cobalt blue pencil dress pictured left gives women a gorgeous shape whilst adding a touch of sexiness with the front split and it’s fitted shape.  This dress is an absolute boon if you have issues with your tummy, the clever rouching across the midriff area means that you can hide any unwanted lumps whilst still remaining in a figure hugging, classic and shapely dress.





AW14 leopard print jumper

Me in AW14 leopard print jumper!


Leopard Print

I would like to finish up with my own personal favourite for AW14 – leopard print.  I have often been berated for my enduring love for leopard print as many people believe that leopard print can look trashy.  However, whilst I firmly believe that an overkill on leopard print can look trashy, you can also wear leopard print and look classy, remember that it’s HOW you wear it!  I strongly advise that you incorporate leopard print into your wardrobes for next season as it was placed at the forefront of the AW14 catwalks earlier this year.  If leopard print is good enough for Balmain, it’s most certainly good enough for me.

This absolutely gorgeous leopard print jumper pictured to the right is super soft and light weight, perfect for the transitional period between summer and autumn.  It has the bonus of super-fashionable batwings on the sleeves and also a sprinkling of darling little crystals on the leopards head on the front.  This is a long jumper so looks great with black leggings or black PVC leggings.



We would love to hear from you about how you will be wearing the fashion trends above, so make sure you leave a comment below to let us know what you will be wearing this autumn/winter.



Dresses and outfits for curvy ladies

Before I start this blog post I would like you to ask yourself one question:  what exactly is it that YOU think makes a woman beautiful?  Is it long legs?  Is it a woman who is a size 6?  Is it a tiny waist?  I’m sure that if I asked 100 women I would get at least 50 different answers, which leads me to believe that what is beautiful is completely subjective to the individual.  As I have not actually asked 100 women, the only thing I will be able to share with you is my own opinion of what makes a woman beautiful, which is confidence in how a woman carries herself.  I have clocked up many years in the fashion industry and have fitted women of all different shapes and sizes.  I have found that certain figures look good in everything, but there are very very few women who actually look GREAT in everything (big difference!).  I remember many years ago fitting a lady who was very under confident about her body shape.  She was a size 18, broad and nearly 6ft tall and felt most comfortable in loose fitting clothing as she wanted to hide her figure.  When she came in to see me at the boutique the first thing she said to me was ‘I’m sure you don’t have anything which will fit me, but I just wanted to check as I have my friend’s wedding to attend and I don’t know what to wear’.  When I produced a fitted dress she had a look of horror in her eyes and simply said ‘I couldn’t possibly wear that!’.  I put the dress back on the rail and we selected a few more dresses she felt she would be more comfortable in.  After trying them on with no joy I went back over to the rail and pulled ‘that dress’ out again and asked her to ‘just give it a go’.  She begrudgingly agreed and lo and behold, it was as if an entirely different woman had just stepped out of the changing rooms!  She looked fabulous and confident in her fitted dress which showed off the smallest part of her figure – her waist, and emphasised her fantastic hourglass shape.  Ladies, we have to work with what we have been given, and if you are a curvy lady, don’t hide your figure in loose clothing, just find the right style of dresses and outfits to suit your unique shape.

At Walk in Wardrobe we have been working very hard on a line of outfits and dresses specifically to suit ladies with a curvy figure, I would like to share a selection of my personal favourites with you now:

denim stretch dress for curvy ladies



I simply love this stretch denim dress on curvy ladies.  The neckline is accommodating for a fuller bust without being too low cut, so you can feel chic and classy.  The placement of the embroidery is extremely clever on this dress, following the flow of a woman’s figure vertically to visually break up the fabric.  A few little sparkles scattered about here and there adds a touch of glitz to this fabulous day dress.  The stretch denim of this dress hugs curves perfectly, and moulds to the contours of your figure, ensuring that the dress looks just as good from behind as it does from the front (a very important factor when purchasing a dress!).  This dress looks great with a nice pair of oversized sunglasses and tan accessories.




Skirt and top for a curvy lady



If separates are more your thing, how about this gorgeous lace top and matching skirt (pictured right, also available in black)?  Once again, this outfit is made from that very clever stretch fabric which moulds to the figure, showing off your curves.  The asymmetric zip on the top adds a nice bit of detail to break up the white and the darling lace cut outs add a touch of femininity and interest as well as giving the top part of your arms a bit of coverage.  The matching skirt (sold separately) has a feature zip back and matching lace trim.  This outfit has scatterings of lovely little swarovski stones, making it a perfect day to evening outfit.  None other than Kate Middleton was spotted in a white outfit with lace sleeves and trim, well, if it’s good enough for Kate, it’s certainly good enough for me!



Stretch zip feature jacket for ladies with curves




I am aware that curvy girls can find it difficult to find a well fitting jacket, they tend to fit at the bust and be ill fitting at the waist or vice versa.  Once again, we have identified this as a problem and have worked very hard to source jackets which are stretchy enough to accommodate ladies who have a different sized bust to their waists.  Big success, they do actually exist!  These fabulous jackets look modern, funky and flattering on curvy ladies, with none of that worry of an badly fitting bust or waist, simply zip up and go!  Features of this jacket include zips going diagonally from waist to hips to enhance the shape of the smallest part of your body.





NB.  The products above are by no means all we have in stock for the curvy lady, we have a full and fabulous range in our curvy section.  If you have any queries regarding our curvy girl range or would like further information please leave a comment below or contact the boutique on 01273 775583, or email us at

Curvy girls, you look fabulous, love the way dresses and outfits hug your curves and most importantly, don’t be shy about your figure!


The High Split dress

If you want to have a daring peep of thigh with your dress you would certainly be in good company as celebrities such as Paloma Faith, Angelina Jolie and Jenny from the block (aka J-Lo) have all been spotted recently sporting high split dresses. These thigh bearing dresses come in a variety of styles but by far my favourite is the high split long dress – it’s elegant and classy but still has that ‘a little bit sexy’ look with a slight tease of thigh. However, with all dresses which show off a lot of one part of the body, you have to be careful on how you wear this style as you don’t want to end up looking tacky.  Here are some helpful tips to make sure you fall into the latter category:

1. If you are going for a split dress where the split doesn’t go up too high, feel free to go for a lower neckline. However, if you are going for a really high split, go for a higher neckline to ensure that there isn’t too much on show.

2. At least one of your legs are going to be on show in this style of dress, so make sure that you go for some really glamorous shoes.  Flats are just not going to cut it with these dresses, instead, opt for a fabulous pair of open heels or wedges.  If you go for a fully closed shoe you will run the danger of making your feet look a bit too heavy – the trick is to keep it delicate.

3. Pictures are bound to be taken, so make sure you practise how you intend to pose in front of the mirror before you go out. Avoid just sticking your leg straight out of the split to the side, instead opt for a stance like our models below, where you peep the leg slightly through the split and place your foot delicately on the floor – this is why you need a splendid pair of heels or wedges!

14_Catwalk Midnight Seq F



This stunningly gorgeous full sequin, midnight blue fishtail high split dress (pictured right) with black lace trim is an absolute knock out and is guaranteed to get heads turning at your function.  This dress is also in stock in bright red for a very Jessica Rabbit look.  A fishtail dress suits many body shapes and is the perfect dress if you want to show off your curves!  Available to hire at £135, or to buy for £489.99.  The model pictured is showing you the perfect way to pose in a high split dress.





12_FU black elise white background




If a fishtail mermaid dress is not for you, how about this floaty black one shoulder Grecian style black dress?  This is a real celebrity dress and has been spotted on the likes of Lucy Mecklenburgh of TOWIE on the red carpet.  This dress offers a classic style with a modern twist with a slightly daring cutout and a thigh high split.  With figure flattering ruching at the stomach area, it is the perfect dress if you are concerned about your midriff.  Available to hire for £75 or to buy in sale at just £159.99 (reduced from £195!).





10_pf peacock merm





For something completely different and unique, we also have a beautiful and elegant satin fishtail dress with train with delicate peacock embroidery and a scattering of sparkly beading.  This classic, figure hugging dress is available at the boutique in blue for hire at £75 or to buy at sale price at £139.99 (reduced from £249.99!)






If you have any questions for our team of stylists why not tweet to us – @walkinwardrobe #askwalkinwardrobe








What prom dress is right for me?

I have been really impressed this year at how organised the 2014 prom girls are!  We had our first one at the boutique early last month, and have had several since then.  Although some mums coyly say to me when entering the boutique: ‘we’re looking at prom dresses, but we’re a bit early’, I think it’s extremely sensible, just like a bride, a prom girl KNOWS when she has found her dress and it matters not a jot that she has found it months in advance.  Another reason to start early is that we never release the same dress to the same function, so make sure that your daughter gets first dibs on her dress for prom!

Nowadays there are so many different styles available, and there appears to be much less restriction on what is acceptable than before, so you could wear long or short, long and short, full on ball gown, or subtle and elegant.  However, we are well aware that although the increase in styles means more variety, it can also make the decision even harder and more intimidating, especially if you are a young lady who is not used to wearing formal attire.  The aim of this blog post is to give a little direction to prom girls who are starting out their research into which prom dress to wear on prom night.

The first golden question you should be asking is ‘what style of prom dress will suit me?’.  It is all well and good having your heart set on a particular style, but if it does nothing for you, you won’t feel comfortable on the big night and you will spend the whole evening feeling self-conscious and doing your best to hide in the shadows.  I recommend getting out a piece of paper and writing down what body shape you have, try to be as honest and objective as you can.  Remember that what you see in the mirror isn’t necessarily the same as what everyone else sees, so mum, dad, sisters or any other close family members are usually very helpful and will give honest opinions on your shape.  Try not to take anything they say too personally, after all, they only want you to look your best on prom night!  After you have established what kind of shape you are, pick out your body features you wish to show off and write them down.  Lastly, write down the body features you wish to hide.

In order to help you decide what prom dress style would suit you, I have pulled together the key prom dress styles with a general guide on what body shape would suit, so you can concentrate on the most important thing when choosing your prom dress: having fun!

nude colour prom ball gown - a perfect princess look!

nude colour prom ball gown – a perfect princess look!




Ball gown prom dresses

Ball gown prom dresses are traditional, or ‘classic’ prom dresses, and are the perfect way to achieve that fairy tale princess look.  With their full, flared skirts and their fitted bodices, there are not really many body shapes which don’t suit this style.  If you are a curvy girl, they are a great way of showing off a cinched in waist, or if you don’t have much of a waist, they are great at giving the illusion of a  waist.  If you are pear shaped or are concerned about the bottom half of your figure, this dress emphasises the waist and completely hides your bottom half.  The only body shape which might slightly struggle in this style is if you are very small and petite as you can look swamped by the skirts.  If you fall into this category but you still want that fairytale look, opt for an a-line dress instead as it still gives you a full skirt, and maximises the chance of you wearing the dress but minimises the risk of the dress wearing you!




Sequin fishtail prom dress - perfect for showing off an hourglass figure!

Sequin fishtail prom dress – perfect for showing off an hourglass figure!




Mermaid prom dresses

These dresses are also known as fishtail prom dresses or trumpet prom dresses.  The mermaid prom dress typically has a figure hugging fitted bodice that goes right the way down to the mid-thigh and then flares out to give the illusion of a mermaid’s tail.  These dresses look great on prom girls who have a hourglass shape (i.e. who are well balanced at the bust and hips with a proportionately smaller waist).  If you have more of a boyish figure, this style of dress will probably emphasise the straightness of your figure and will probably not show your body off in the best way.  These dresses tend to fit very closely to the body and will give a true silhouette of your body shape, so if you are a bit shy about your body, it’s probably best to stay away from this style.


Pinky nude chiffon empire line prom dress

Pinky nude chiffon empire line prom dress






Empire line prom dresses

These dresses have a high waistline with the skirt gently falling from under the bust.  They tend to be made out of a light, floaty fabric such as chiffon which falls elegantly to the floor.  This style of prom dress works well on most body shapes and is probably one of the most forgiving styles.  It also makes a great plus size style.  They are fabulous if you are concerned about showing off your mid-section, providing you with a bit of extra coverage, whilst still giving you the ability to achieve that whimsical, elegant look.  At the other end of the spectrum, they also make great dresses for girls who have a less defined waist, or a ‘boyish shape’ as they don’t emphasise the waist and drape graciously to the floor.




High low hem prom dress - perfect for showing off your pins!

High low hem prom dress – perfect for showing off your pins!





Mullet prom dress

These dresses are also known as high low hem dresses.  These dresses come in a variety of styles, e.g. fitted down to the thigh, fitted to the waist or empire line.  It’s a fantastic alternative to a full length gown and is absolutely brilliant if you (like me!) are a little vertically challenged as you won’t have to worry about having the hem shortened or tripping over a long dress at prom!  If your legs are the feature that you want to show off, but you still like the idea of having a long prom dress, this could well be the option for you.  Make sure that you team up this style of dress with a fabulous pair of shoes, but if you are going for a pair of peep toes, make sure that your feet are in tip top condition and that you go and get yourself a good pedicure beforehand!






Once you are aware of what shape you are, the process of prom dress shopping changes from being stressful to being exactly what it should be – fun!  Remember that it’s not every day you get to wear a glamorous dress, so I recommend taking full advantage while you can and seek out a really special dress.  This is definitely one of those times when high street just will not do!

If you require any further help regarding what style is best suited to your shape, feel free to leave us a comment below, facebook us at Walk in Wardrobe Brighton or tweet us @walkinwardrobe

What accessories to wear with a blue dress

Blue has always been a particularly influential colour in the fashion world and it has often frequented the red carpet on celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Kylie Minogue.  So why has blue been a colour which has stood the test of time amongst fashionistas?  The answer is simple – blue is powerful, regal, commanding and uber-stunning!  Blue is also a fabulous colour due to it’s versatility; being a colour where there are unquestionably hundreds of different shades, it would be truly impossible to be unable to find a hue of blue which suits you!

One question which has often cropped up is what accessories go with a blue dress?  One thing I would like to say is to make sure that you are not over-doing blue, a blue dress with tonnes of blue jewellery can render you looking rather smurf-like – a BIG fashion faux pas!  Instead, opt for a complimentary colour, as blue looks great with a variety of colours, you can be fairly flexible when it comes to accessories.

Midnight blue full sequin dress

Midnight blue full sequin dress



This gorgeously stunning full sequinned dress in midnight (or navy!) blue with black lace trim is gorgeous if you want to wear a dark colour to your event but you want something a little softer than black.  Features of the dress include adjustable straps at the back to ensure perfect fit with full support and a thigh high split for that sexy-but-classy look.  Being sparkly, this dress is pretty versatile when it comes to accessories.  You could compliment the dress and offset the black lace trim with some matching black accessories.  If you are going to go for black accessories make sure you stay away from anything too chunky, instead opt for black strappy sandals and delicate black crystal earrings and a bangle to keep in line with the elegance of the dress.  Another option with this dress is to wear silver sparkles to really bring out the shine of the sequins.  If you are going for silvery sparkles, make sure that you opt for delicate silver shoes accordingly.

High neck backless dress in royal blue

High neck backless dress in royal blue





This undeniably beautiful royal blue high neck backless dress (pictured right) is the perfect dress for a black tie event or prom.  With it’s silver sparkly rhinestone neckline and back, there really is only one option for this dress when it comes to accessories – silver.  Couple this dress with glitzy silver shoes, a silver diamanté bangle and some diamanté twinkles in your ear lobes.  With this dress it’s probably best to stay away from a necklace as it can make the neckline look too cluttered.  If you do want to wear a necklace, choose one with a thin chain and a very long drop and wear it in reverse so the drop cascades down your exposed back for a real top celebrity, red carpet look!


Stretchy blue long sleeved pencil dress

Stretchy blue long sleeved pencil dress



This dress is a really lovely desk to dinner dress, and due to the fact that it is plain (but beautifully cut!) you can really have a lot of fun with the accessories and really go over the top.  Quite simply, there are countless ways to accessorize this dress, if you are going out for the evening in this dress and want to look particularly glamorous, team it up with silver or gold sparkles and a pair of dramatic earrings.  However, if you are wearing this dress in the day time, I think this dress looks particularly funky with neon coloured accessories, in particular a bright pink.  If you do decide to go 80’s neon with the accessories, choose chunky jewellery to make a real statement.

Do you have a question I haven’t answered?  Tweet to me @walkinwardrobe with your question and hashtag #askwalkinwardrobe






What’s in fashion autumn 2013?

After a short stint away from the boutique I am absolutely delighted to say that I am now back.  And just imagine my excitement on my return to see the boutique positively full to the brim with brand new sumptuous gowns with sequins galore!  As much as I will always adore full sequinned gowns, what has really held my interest is the batch of new printed party tops and cocktail dresses.  This season’s catwalks have been overrun by geometric patterns and prints, and, on viewing the new collections from top designers such as Givenchy and Cavalli I can confirm that patterns and printed outfits are IN this season!

Party Tops

I do concede that it may not be wholly appropriate to go out to a semi-casual evening dinner donned in full on ball gown (as nice as the whole concept may be!), so a glamorous top with a nice skirt or pair of trousers means that you can still stay classy and chic in your more casual attire.

Versace style print top

Versace style print top

Unicorn and bling zebra off the shoulder top

Unicorn and bling zebra off the shoulder top


I adore this gorgeous long sleeved Versace inspired shirt (pictured left) made of satin and chiffon with tails.  This shirt utilises a modern mirror print technique perfectly and uses a vibrant colour spectrum of burnt oranges, ruby reds, shimmering golds, turquoises and my favourite – animal print.  The style of this top is so versatile and can be dressed up with a pencil skirt or pair of trousers, or you can dress it down with leggings or your favourite jeans.  With it’s fantastic feature lace up back you can guarantee that you will have a perfect fit, even if (like me!) you are different sizes on different parts of your body!

Pictured right is a truly unique, whimsical, mystical printed top with unicorn and gorgeous little bling bling zebras.  This carefree, easy to wear modern top has a little bar across the back of the neck to ensure that you get none of that annoying ‘slippage’ from your shoulders.  This top looks fabulous when teamed with a pair of skinny jeans or black trousers.


Printed dresses

Versace style mini dress with mesh back

Versace style mini dress with mesh back


Printed dresses are also really in vogue this season, this particular mini dress to the left has uber-modern, ultra-cool features such as a mesh back and darling little studs around the shoulders.  This dress has all the opulence of fashionable prints and colours at the moment plus a bit of biker chic with the leatherette sleeve features, giving it a fresh, unique look and makes it the perfect dress to take you from day to evening.

Sleeved knee length printed dress

Sleeved knee length printed dress

This stunning Cavalli style knee length sleeved dress pictured right is a fabulous way of keeping in line with the current print fashion trend and it’s sleeves are great if you are an arm hater!  Being more subtle in the colour department with it’s earthy colour tones of golds and greens it reminds me somewhat of a Raphaelite painting, and, just like a Raphaelite painting, it is a true masterpiece.  This dress gives you a great figure hugging fit with it’s super stretchy fabric and the low open back gives a touch of sexiness whilst still remaining classy.

Accessories to go with your new printed dress or top

With patterned outfits I usually suggest simple jewellery, however, I am prepared to do a complete U-turn with this fashion trend and recommend that you wear grand, statement pieces.  The opulence of this look screams out for some sumptious and regal jewellery.  Think chunky necklaces and bangles in golds and burnished coppers along with matching oversized earrings.

We are offering these distinctive, creative dresses and tops at super value prices to buy, or if you are on a budget, don’t forget that you can also hire them for a fraction of the cost!








Red prom dresses at Walk in Wardrobe

Stunning red corset prom dress with silver embellishment

Stunning red corset prom dress with silver embellishment

I am very rarely wearing any other colour but red, and so I am always thrilled when our prom girls come to the boutique seeking red dresses for their special night.  On prom night you will want to make a lasting impression, and red is definitely a colour no one will miss!  Red is a great colour if you want to look commanding, confident and absolutely stunning.  It is also a very versatile colour in the sense that it compliments a wide range of skin tones.  It goes without saying that red looks great with dark hair and dark eyes and can make you look really exotic a la Penelope Cruz.  However, we have had some mums at the boutique with their blond daughters who want a red prom dress and they are concerned that their daughters may look ‘tarty’ in red.  Well, I would argue that you only have to look at the stunningly sophisticated Jerry Hall in red to realise that this is definitely NOT the case.

Make up to go with a red dress

In all honesty, red is not the easiest of colours to match your make up to.  My own particular favourite tricks for a real bombshell look are to choose a lipstick with matches the shade of the dress and to have a nice black flick out with a liquid eye liner on the top eyelids and some black eye liner on the inner rims of the bottom of your eyelids.  A light shimmery eye shadow will make the dark eye liner stand out more, thus making your eyes look more defined.  Finish up this look with a thickening black mascara for dramatic and defined lashes.

If you don’t like to wear too much make up, you can go for a more natural look by putting a slight rose colour on your cheeks and use a natural, shimmer lipstick in a nude colour and a little soft eye liner at the outer corners of your eyelids.  I find that this looks fabulous on fair girls.

Classy one shoulder long red prom dress with cutouts

Classy one shoulder long red prom dress with cutouts

How to wear your hair with a red prom dress

With a red prom dress you really want to let the red colour do the talking, so go for a simple hairstyle to avoid looking too over the top.  Try an up-do with a few trails of hair framing your face or some carefree loose waves if you want to have your hair down.  Having your hair trailing down one shoulder is also a great look, especially if you are wearing a dress with a feature back.

Accessories to go with a red dress

If you are going for a red dress keep away from red accessories as this can lead to the accessories blending in with the dress too much and it can be a bit too much.  If there is some sparkle on your dress, match the accessory colour to the embellishments as they will make the beading stand out.  Gold accessories look great with red if you want a regal look and silver looks fabulous if you want a young, fun yet mature look.


The convertible multi wrap dress at Walk in Wardrobe

If you have several special events coming up and don’t want to be seen in the same dress then a convertible dress may be the dress for you!  These increasingly popular dresses have been called many things, including convertible dresses, infinity dresses, multi-wrap dresses and twist dresses.  Whatever you decide to call them there is one thing which is guaranteed – they have to be one of the most versatile things to wear since the little black dress.  This dress has limitless style possibilities and can be worn as a halter neck, a high neck, a one shoulder dress, a twisted back dress, a cross back dress.  I’ll end the list here as I could go on forever, but it just goes to show you, the style of this dress can only stretch as far as the imagination!

We have just received these gorgeous full length multi wrap dresses which are made from a stunning, high quality Italian jersey fabric which is crumple-proof, meaning that they are perfect for packing into a suitcase for your holiday – no ironing required!  This fabric is gloriously comfortable and stretchy, and they are fabulous if you have a larger bust in comparison to the rest of your figure – no alterations required!

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