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Could the ‘little beige dress’ take over from the ‘little black dress’?

It has become apparent in the last few months that the little beige dress could well be taking over from the little black dress in the UK.  These barely-there hues have been super-popular both on the catwalk and with our customers who are seeing a classy, sophisticated look.  Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham are particular fans of the nude coloured dress, but if you want that celebrity look for a fraction of the cost, our boutique is the place to be!

Beige coloured pencil dresses

Classic beige pencil dress

Classic beige pencil dress

Nothing says sexy-but-classy like a pencil dress does.  So if you add the elegant colour of nude to a sexy-but-classy dress, you are on to a real winner.  Our customers have found that these versatile little dresses are perfect for the workplace, lunch with the girls or are fantastic dresses for ladies day at the races.

Beige coloured maxi dresses

Beige one shoulder chiffon maxi dress

Beige one shoulder chiffon maxi dress

Nude is a fabulous colour for a maxi dress, my own personal favourite for a beige maxi is this one shoulder Grecian style long dress with a lace bust.  This dress is floaty, elegant and whimsical, guaranteeing that all eyes will be on you for all the right reasons!  This dress is the perfect dress for prom, black tie events, and would make gorgeous bridesmaid dresses.

What accessories go with beige dresses?

One of the great things about beige is that it’s so easy to accessorise!  Nude shoes go fabulously with a nude colour dress (providing you can find a similar colour-hue match), or virtually every other colour you could think of would match.  If you are wearing a nude dress and want to add some extra colour to the mix, try to match your accessory colours with each other.  If you are lucky enough to be going to the races this year, we have a gorgeous range of hats which will go fabulously with your dress.

So what do you think?  Could it be the little beige dress rather than the little black dress?  Let us know!

Beige race day hat - a great match for a nude dress!

Beige race day hat – a great match for a nude dress!


Nude sparkly bracelet

Nude sparkly bracelet

Perennials and petals – the floral fashion trend at WiW

Summery long floral maxi dress

Summery long floral maxi dress

Walk in Wardrobe is currently resembling a magical, fairy tale garden at the moment with all the blooms and petals which are sporting the dresses. The floral print for dresses has always been a staple for the spring and summer, and once again, we have remained bang on trend and are truly spoiling you for choice with the wide and varied selection of summer florals we have in at the boutique.

Floaty floral summer dresses

Cheap long summer floral dress

Cheap long summer floral dress

We love floral floaty dresses, not only because they are whimsical and uber-feminine, but also because they keep you cool in the warmer weather, making them practical as well as stylish!  Whether a long maxi or a short floral dress takes your fancy, we have no doubt that you will be able to find something very special at the boutique for the summer.

Summer floral pencil dresses 

If a floaty floral dress is not for you, how about a sexy-but-classy floral pencil dress?  These dresses have the benefit of being formal enough for ladies day at the races and work, but are also summery and cheerful.


Floral open back pencil dress

Floral open back pencil dress

How to accessorize your floral dresses 

Accessorizing florals can be a little tricky, but we suggest going for a colour match to the flower print on the dress, or neutral colours such as nude, and make sure that you don’t mix the patterns.  We love pretty little pumps or court shoes with floral patterns along with clutch bags for that oh-so-chic-and-elegant look!  If you want to dress your floral dress down, you can team up a floaty floral with a denim jacket for a more casual look.  Pick some bright colours for your makeup and nails to match your dress.  Your hair is your crowning glory, so don’t forget to accessorize it with a little sparkly hairband!

What to wear for work? It MUST be a pencil dress from Walk in Wardrobe!


Victoria Beckham style pencil dress - great for the office!

Victoria Beckham style pencil dress – great for the office!

If you are a fan of Mad Men, you would have noticed Joan Holloway rocking out her curves at work in pencil dresses.  Joan’s work clothes have inspired women across the nation and have shown us that work outfits do not have to be dowdy and boring.  The pencil dress is the perfect outfit for work, being smart and feminine whilst also adding a touch of sexiness with a little wiggle when you walk!  So why are pencil dresses so fantastic for work?

Timeless classics which are smart yet glamorous

Long sleeved colour block work pencil dress

Long sleeved colour block work pencil dress

These dresses have really stood the test of time and vintage reproduction pencil dresses have been in vogue for years.  Although there have been some minor modernizing tweaks to the pencil dress, the overall style of the dresses have remained the same.  By way of example, whilst in the 1950’s, pencil dresses were generally made of ridged fabrics, nowadays there are many more pencil dresses and skirts made out of stretchy fabric, to ensure that whilst wearing it at work, you still have uninhibited freedom of movement.  The key to the glamour of these dresses and skirts lies in the cut.  The elegant pencil cut flatters the contours of the figure to give a streamlined shape and also gives a very neat and professional look.  The slight taper that the hemline has draws attention to a fuller hip and a smaller waist, giving you a glamorous and sexy shape.


These dresses are perfect work to after work events and are great desk to dinner dresses.  For a professional, chic look at work, team your pencil dress with simple jewellery and some heels and an up do.  Then after work, accessorise accordingly for your night out:  if you are going out for a casual night, you can change out of your work stilettos and match the dress with some flats and add a few chunky bangles for a really different look.  Alternatively, if you are going out after work to a formal event, just add a few statement, sparkly accessories to your pencil dress, a bling clutch bag and some show stopping stiletto shoes, and you have a glamorous, sophisticated outfit.

Great on all body shapes

I have yet to find a body shape which does not suit the pencil dress.  These dresses look great on petite figures as they give the illusion of a hip and emphasises a tiny waist.  They also have the added benefit of elongating a smaller lady.  For the curvier lady, pencil dresses appear to streamline the figure and again, focuses on the smallest part of the body, the waist, giving a much sought after killer hourglass shape.  Many of our pencil dresses also have rouching along the tummy area, which is a real boon if you are trying to hide that problem area!

To me, a pencil dress is a definite wardrobe essential, and they are so versatile you can really get your monies worth out of them.  Whilst a Victoria Beckham pencil dress may set you back over £1000, you can get that Victoria Beckham pencil look at a fraction of the cost at our boutique!

Hats and fascinators for the races

The summer social calendar is positively bursting with race day events.  If you are lucky enough to be a ticket holder for any of the horse races across the UK, not only will you be experiencing the excitement of the racing, you will also be experiencing some of the most exciting, theatrical fashion events of the year.  Without a shadow of a doubt, the crowning glory for any lady attending a race day is a hat or a fascinator.  An ostentatious fascinator or hat is your perfect chance to go for something you would not normally wear, so try something outrageous to set off your outfit.

We have decided to truly spoil you this year with the range of hats and fascinators at the boutique and we are sure that we will be able to find something to suit your taste.

One last point which I would like to make is that a hat or fascinator to match your outfit does not have to cost the earth.  Many of our fascinators and hats are available to hire as well as to buy, so if you are working to a budget, do consider this an option as you can get that fabulous designer look for a fraction of the cost!

A comfortable, elegant and chic fascinator, this one can be made bespoke for you so you can ensure that you have a perfect colour match!

A comfortable, elegant and chic fascinator, this one can be made bespoke for you so you can ensure that you have a perfect colour match!

Dramatic flower hair fascinator

Dramatic flower hair fascinator

Fabulous feather hat - perfect for Ascot!

Fabulous feather hat – perfect for Ascot!

Fun and fashionable checked black and grey hat with feathers

Fun and fashionable checked black and grey hat with feathers

The most affordable prom dresses for under £50 at Walk in Wardrobe!

Extra cute pink prom dress, was £165, now just £50!

Extra cute pink prom dress, was £165, now just £50!

Precious Formals pink and gold tutu prom dress, was

Precious Formals pink and gold tutu prom dress, was £225, now just £50!

Prom is only a matter of days away, so we are having a massive clear out!  If you have only just decided to go to prom and need a cheap last minute prom dress, you may be able to find a real little bargain gem at Walk in Wardrobe.  These fun and flirty designer prom dresses are still utterly gorgeous, and we have included dresses from top labels such as Forever Unique, Dynasty and Precious Formals.  So, if you are working on a budget, but don’t want to compromise on looking absolutely gorgeous for your special event, our boutique is definitely the place to be! These stunning little dresses would also be fantastic as a wedding outfit or for cocktail parties, so if you have a few events coming up after prom, you will definitely get your monies worth!

At prices like these, I don’t think we will have these dresses for very long at the boutique, so be quick, and you could find your perfect prom dress for less (and just think about it, that means you have more money to spend on shoes, accessories and getting your hair done for the big night!)


Mermaid fishtail prom dresses at Walk in Wardrobe.


The silver fishtail mermaid prom dress just minutes after it arrived at the boutique!

I was in awe when I opened the delivery box the other day and found an absolutely gorgeous, shimmering silver fishtail dress.  There has been a growing demand from prom girls for mermaid dresses, and it’s easy to understand why.

The mermaid gown typically has a fitted bodice, waist and hip to emphasize that gorgeous, dramatic flare at the bottom, coming out from either the lower thigh or knee.  In return, the flare offers an undeniable emphasis to the nipped in waist, allowing you to show off your curves on prom night.

To me, mermaid dresses are the epitome of Hollywood glamour, are timeless classics and are exquisitely feminine.  Here are just some of the reasons why I love them so much:

11_Sous Smartie F

Head turning strapless fishtail prom dress

Mermaid dresses are suitable for all body shapes

If you are a curvy lady, the cut of these dresses emphasizes your curves and draws attention to the smallest part of your body – your waist.  This is definitely one of the best dress styles for you if you have an hourglass figure.

If you are petite with a straighter figure, the bottom flare of these dresses appear to give a bit more shape and can give the illusion of a curvy-er figure and appears to elongate.

Fishtail dresses are undeniably glamorous

This style of dress has been adorned many times on the red carpet by celebrities, and they are timeless classics which will never go out of style.  They give the most glamorous couture-style silhouette which is both sexy and classy.

There are so many different styles of the fishtail dress, we believe that it would be impossible not to be able to find one that you fall in love with……

One of Britain’s most exciting fashion parades – it can only be Ascot!

Champagne Ladies Day Ascot dress with matching jacket

Champagne Ladies Day Ascot dress with matching jacket

Ladies day at Ascot is drawing very near and we have been inundated with ladies looking for fashionable outfits that adhere to Ascot’s strict dress code. Ladies day at Ascot is a very special day as it is a stylish parade of only the most fashionable attire mixed with traditional British heritage. The fashion police at Ascot will refuse admission to anyone who is not dressed appropriately, so it’s essential that you get it right. Our staff at Walk in Wardrobe have many years of experience of dressing ladies for Ascot, so we can help you dress correctly and avoid any embarrassing refusals on the day!

Ladies outfits for the Royal Enclosure

Although there is a strict dress code for the Royal Enclosure don’t think for a minute that you can’t still look sexy and glamorous. I can inform you now that midi-dresses are IN, so even though you are required to wear a dress which is just above the knee or longer, you will still look fashionable. Strapless, or off the shoulder dresses are a big no-no, and you need to make sure that your straps are at least 1 inch thick, regardless of whether you are wearing a jacket or not.

For Ascot, we have some stunning collections with fresh and modern designs make out of high quality fabrics in plain or with stunning prints.  Our race day outfits adhere to the dress code at Ascot and come with jackets which are very suited to the unpredictable English weather!

Fabulous feather hat - perfect for Ascot!

Fabulous feather hat – perfect for Ascot!

Hats and fascinators for the Royal Enclosure

Hats are required in the Royal Enclosure, although a substantial fascinator with a base of at least 4 inches is acceptable instead of a hat.

Ladies outfits for the Grandstand

8_Hybrid navy cream pep F

Classy yet sexy pencil dress for the Grandstand at Ascot

Although the dress code is slightly more relaxed in the Grandstand, ladies are still required to wear formal wear. As with the Royal Enclosure, regardless of whether you have a jacket, you are not permitted to wear strapless or sheer strap dresses. Our pencil dresses are particularly suitable for the Grandstand, and have the added benefit of being made out of stretchy fabric which are really comfortable – a must if you are going to be in the dress all day!

A comfortable, elegant and chic fascinator

A comfortable, elegant and chic fascinator

Hats and fascinators for the Grandstand
A hat, headpiece or fascinator must be worn at all times, so it’s essential to get the right one for you with reflects your personality so you feel comfortable.

Although no one likes to surrender wardrobe autonomy to anyone, if you adhere to the rules you will have a fun packed and fabulous day.  And if you get your outfits and accessories from us, you will not only have a fabulous day, you will be looking stunning and feeling confident too!


Don’t underestimate the short prom dress!

9_WiW cody tu tu smallest

Stunning short tutu prom dress

We usually have a 50/50 split when it comes to prom girls going for long or short prom dresses, but this year we have noticed that the majority are going for long gowns.  Long prom dresses are undeniably gorgeous and stunning, but don’t underestimate the short prom dress – they can still make you look like a knockout on your special night!  Don’t restrict yourself by thinking that long dresses are formal and that short are casual.  Providing the dress is glamorous enough, and you feel happy and confident, a short dress would be perfect for your prom.  Here are some of the reasons why I love short prom dresses:

Short prom dresses are versatile

Short prom dresses have the added benefit of being very versatile, you can dress them up for formal occasions such as prom, or you can dress them down for a more relaxed occasion such as a birthday party.  With all the different events you will be able to wear your short prom dress to, you really would get value for money! 

Short prom dresses are great for dancing in

Another great thing about short prom dresses is that you can dance the night away without the worry of getting your shoes caught in the hem of your dress.  You also don’t have to worry about holding the front of the dress up when you walk.

You can show off your prom shoes with a short dress

22_Shoes Sarah sparkly black

Sparkly stiletto shoes for prom!

Less dress means more chance to show off your fabulous prom shoes.  We recommend wearing wedges with long dresses to prevent the hem from getting torn, but with your short dress you  have no restrictions!  You can go for wedges, stilettos, or even little sparkly ballerina style pumps.

This blog post is not intended to deter girls from getting a long prom dress, all I’m saying is that prom girls should keep an open mind and should not restrict their choices.  The key to choosing the right prom dress is that you love what you are wearing and you love the way the dress makes you feel when you are wearing it.  You will have great memories of your prom, and you will keep the photographs of prom forever, so long or short, go for a dress you feel fabulous in!




The 2013 prom dress sale has already begun at Walk in Wardrobe!

The prom sale has begun at Walk in Wardrobe, and we have a HUGE selection of bargain prom dresses at the moment.  Whether you want long and floaty, short and flirty or a full on glamorous ball gown for your prom dress, we will be able to find a dress for you at a fraction of the cost.  Don’t think for a minute that the quality of these dresses match their cheap price tags, we have top prom lables such as Sherri Hill, Alyce Designs and Forever Unique in the sale!

Gorgeous Alyce Designs pink prom dress

Gorgeous Alyce Designs pink prom dress, was £475, now £199.99!

Alyce turquoise frilly mermaid prom dress

Alyce turquoise frilly mermaid prom dress, was £285, now £145!

A hot seller and celebrity favourite, the Forever Unique Leopard Tutu dress.  Was £160, now £99.99

A hot seller and celebrity favourite, the Forever Unique Leopard Tutu dress. Was £160, now £99.99

Sherri Hill and Alyce Designs ball gowns are for the prom girls who really want to make an ‘all eyes on me’ red carpet entrance.  They are made out of luxurious fabrics and are covered in sparkle and gorgeous embellishments.  These dresses are fun and fashionable, and are guaranteed show stoppers!

If a short prom dress is more ‘you’ than a big ball gown, how about a flirty tutu dress?  These dresses are cute and fun and can be worn to a variety of events other than prom, such as weddings and cocktail parties, so if you have a few events coming up, you will definitely get your monies worth!

 So if you are working on a budget, but don’t want to compromise on having a fashionable, gorgeous dress, Walk in Wardrobe is definitely the place to be!  Remember that the less you spend on a dress, the more you can spend on everything else for your prom (and don’t worry, the fact that your dress was a complete bargain can be our little secret!)



The Great Gatsby sends fashion back to the 1920’s

Gatsby style beaded pink long dress

Gatsby style beaded pink long dress

Baz Luhrmann’s cinema adaptation of The Great Gatsby has sent fashion lovers into a style frenzy.  Our customers have been no different, and we have noticed a surge in ladies coming to the boutique with the intention of channeling their inner flapper.  At Walk in Wardrobe, we have some spectacular pieces to cover this trend, so all you need to do is add some eyeliner and red lipstick, and you are ready to hit the parties, Gatsby style!

1920’s style dresses

nocturne pink bead two piece

Two piece flapper style sequin outfit

Gatsby inspired clothing is opulent, glamorous and feminine.  Gatsby style is flexible enough to accommodate both long and short dresses, but make sure that they have sequins, beads and embellishments.

1920’s style art deco jewellery

Once you have your clothes for your 1920’s look, the fun really begins as you get to play with the finishing touches – your accessories!  The watchword for 1920’s jewellery is sparkle, so go for bold, diamante encrusted rings, necklaces, bracelets and glitzy hair accessories.

Ultimately, 1920’s fashion is about glamour, decadence and plenty of razzle dazzle, so now is your chance to have some real fun – roaring 20’s style!


Art Deco inspired cuff

Art Deco inspired cuff

1920's style gold shell bag

1920’s style gold shell bag