Monthly Archives: July 2016

The cold shoulder trend

Here at Walk in Wardrobe we have completely fallen in love with the cold shoulder look and have been regularly sporting cold shoulder dresses and tops over the past few months.

A cold shoulder top at it’s simplest is an ordinary top with peekaboo holes at the shoulders. So why would anyone wear tops and dresses with holes in?! Because they are quite simply a MUST for the summer months! Exposing the bare shoulders adds a bit of edginess and sexiness to a look without being too risqué, it is just the perfect combination of sweet and sassy. It’s not only the look which is a massive selling point of these dresses and tops, they are also wonderfully practical too. Unlike off the shoulder tops and dresses, you can wear an ordinary bra and are perfect if you want to stay cool in the summer but are not 100% comfortable with showing your arms off. No matter what your shape and size, cold shoulder tops absolutely suit everyone. As cold shoulder outfit designer Donna Karan stated, women never complain about their shoulders!

Cold shoulder tops

Cold shoulder, floaty tops are gorgeous for the summer months, the floatyness allowing air to circulate and offer the added benefit of looking whimsical and feminine. These tops come as simple, plain tops or come with embellishments such as beading and lace. They look super cute with skinny jeans and flats. Here are my favourite cold shoulder tops at the boutique at the moment (click the photos to view on our website)

Cold shoulder silk white lacy topSilk mix cold shoulder lace top Cold shoulder cotton frill top