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Forever Unique Dresses available at Walk in Wardrobe for £50 or less!

Over the past few years Forever Unique has become one of the biggest fashion labels and now enjoys status as a top celebrity brand on the red carpet.  If you want a slice of the celebrity pie, now really is the time to do it as we are offering a beautiful selection of Forever Unique dresses at unbelievable prices!  So, if you are planning ahead for prom or any other special event, Walk in Wardrobe is definitely the place to be!

Bargain tutu cocktail dresses by Forever Unique

Stunning leopard print and black tutu dress by Forever Unique

Stunning leopard print and black tutu dress by Forever Unique

Coral colour tutu by Forever Unique

Coral colour tutu by Forever Unique


I love tutu dresses as they are fun and flirty and perfect for a number of occasions such as a semi-formal black tie event or prom.  I love the flattering fit of the tutu dress as they cinch in the waist to show off the smallest part of any woman’s body – the waist.  Both of these tutu dresses are available at the boutique for just £50!

Left dress:  I myself am the proud owner of one of these dresses and I can assure you that I always feel special when I put it on!  This is a top celebrity dress which has been spotted on ex-Atomic Kitten’s Kerry Katona when she became the runner up on Celebrity Big Brother in 2011.

Right dress:  This tutu dress is fabulous for the summer months due to it’s light coral colour and has a lovely little gold brocade to give you a bit of sparkle for a really special event.




Cheap bodycon Forever Unique dresses


Rai bodycon black and white dress by Forever Unique

Rai bodycon black and white dress by Forever Unique

Forever Unique V-neck mini dress

Forever Unique V-neck mini dress

If a tutu dress just feels too A-line for you, you may want to opt for one of our sleek bodycon dresses by Forever Unique.  These stretchy dresses are fabulous if you want to show off your curves and are perfect for a special event such as a birthday or for Ladies Day at the races.  Both of these dresses have figure flattering rouching, which is wonderful if you have a few bits on your body you want to hide, but still want to remain modern and elegant.  These dresses are a real steal at just £39.99!

Right dress:  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that monochrome is a big fashion must have this season, and this dress is brilliant as it doesn’t contain too much black so you can still feel light and summery in the remainder of August.

Left dress:  This mini dress is the last one of this style we have and it is available in a stunning royal blue.  A gorgeously flattering length even on smaller ladies as the length stops at just the right point to elongate the figure.  This dress has a stunning cowl back with drape so you can do those nice over the shoulder poses for photographs!

At these prices I don’t expect them to stay long at the boutique, so make sure you get in there quickly before someone else does!






The preloved designer clothes sale is back at Walk in Wardrobe!

Walk in Wardrobe are thrilled to be restarting our designer resale section at the boutique!  There are so many reasons why we love preloved designer clothes, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

Quality designer clothes, shoes and accessories without the hefty price tag. 

These preloved Jimmy Choo designer shoes are a bargain at just £95

These preloved Jimmy Choo designer shoes are a bargain at just £95!

Everyone loves a bargain, and when the words ‘designer’ and ‘cheap’ are put together, it’s like music to my ears!  Taking advantage of our resale service as a customer means that you will be able to fill your wardrobe with top designer names such as Jimmy Choo, Dior and Gucci, or high quality boutique dresses and outfits such as Forever Unique and Sherri Hill.  We vet all items in our preloved section very carefully, so you as a customer can feel rest assured that the preloved item you purchase will be in excellent condition.

Preloved prom dress, as worn by Lucy Meck from TOWIE

Preloved prom dress, as worn by Lucy Meck from TOWIE

Spreading the love by recycling. 

I always find it difficult to throw away my quality clothing or pairs ofshoes I have loved dearly (even though I know I am not going to wear them again).  So it does give me a great feeling of satisfaction knowing that my clothes have not been wasted, that they have gone to customers who understand the true value of quality clothing and also knowing that they will be loved by someone else!

Making some money. 

Recycling your clothes with us is a fantastic way of making a bit of money!  We act on an agency basis, meaning that you will leave your items for sale with us, we sell them on for you and take a commission when the items are sold.  We then pay the money directly into your bank account.  It’s a fabulously easy process and we do the hard work for you!  We have a very high success rate with our agency outfits and accessories as we are a specialist boutique who focus on quality boutique clothing and designer clothing.  Thus we naturally attract customers who are interested in purchasing these quality garments.  If you do wish to sell your clothes, shoes and accessories through the boutique, please make sure that you have an authenticity card or proof of purchase with your item.

If you have any questions regarding our resale section, leave us a comment below or email us and a member of staff will happily get back to you.

What do we currently have at the boutique?

We will only accept good quality boutique and designer branded clothes and accessories.  At present, we have special occasion dresses for day or evening, special occasion dresses with jackets for mother of the bride, groom or race days, hats and hair fascinators, smart tops and jackets, designer shoes and handbags.  So if you like Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Dior and Ralph Lauren, but you want to stretch your budget, Walk in Wardrobe is definitely the place to be!

A snippet of what’s in store for 2013 at Walk in Wardrobe

I would just like to start this post by wishing you all a very Happy Belated New Year!  We have so many exciting projects in store for this year; there are two in particular I just can’t help but chatter about!

Project 1: out with the old (but still GORGEOUS dresses!), in with the new!


Would you BELIEVE that this dress is on sale for £59.99?!

Our first project of the year was to hold the biggest (and might I add BEST!)
January sale we’ve ever had, with our top quality brands such as Forever Unique at ‘you’re robbing us blind’ prices starting at just £45!  Please click here to see the range of sale dresses we currently have (and don’t leave it too late, once they’re gone, they’re gone!).

Our sale items are being replaced with our new, glitzy and glamorous prom dresses.  It came as no surprise to us to see some very organised prom girls in late December looking for their sparkly dresses for the biggest night of their teen years.  We can guarantee that all eyes will be on the girls who are wearing Walk in Wardrobe dresses on the big night, who could possibly force their eyes away from such dazzle?

Project 2: a brand new upgraded website to rival all others!

Working on the new website has created so much buzz and excitement amongst our team (as well as a lot of hard work!).  Our new website will make it easier to hire online (including the ability to check date availability), purchase online, keep up to date with our fashion show events, style forecasts and of course, our blog.  You will also be able to easily share the products you love on your favourite social media sites such as Pinterest (to follow us on Pinterest:  There will also be a separate resale section for customers to resell their pre-loved Walk in Wardrobe items.   Most importantly, there will also be promotional codes for regular and loyal customers to get fantastic discounts!

The photo shoot for the new website happened last Saturday, and we would just like to say a big thank you to the models who will be featured on the website, firstly the highly experienced Lindsay Fergusson who once again delivered top quality posing and also to Kady Knight, a new, up and coming model, who did a fantastic job on her first big photo shoot.  Thank you also to our photographer Stuart Butcher (, Twitter: @stuartbutcher1).  This was our best photo shoot to date, so all you have to do is keep your eyes peeled to see the changeover!