Work experience

Work experience at Walk in Wardrobe 2014 by Imogen

Going out to work for the first time can be very daunting for many young people, however my week in the hands of Katie and Leah from Walk in Wardrobe has demolished all those worries. My name is Imogen Smith, 15, from Longhill High school and I have been working at Walk in Wardrobe as part of my work experience. As I am interested in fashion and the world of retail I thought this would be the perfect place to spend a week off school.

I have learnt a lot in the past week; from how to sew on a hook and eye, to how to keep a business going in these tough times. However, the main thing Katie and Leah taught me was about customer service and how to give a personal shopping experience. With their warm personalities and expert knowledge of their industry, they are able to offer help and guidance for customers to find an entire outfit: dress and all accessories.  At Walk in Wardrobe, Katie and Leah will be able to find the perfect outfit for you to go to the races, a wedding, prom etc.  They have recently expanded their daywear section so they can also help you select the perfect outfit for the day.

You hear all sorts of rumours about work experience and how the employers restrict you from doing anything, but my employers were determined to make my experience the best possible. They have shown me the ways of a business and the importance of reputation in business, that making friendships with customers and clients can build up your customer base.  They also found it was important to them to give me an opportunity, even when they didn’t have to; proving they go out of their way to do what they can to help.

The boutique also has a beauty therapist, Louise, who works downstairs at Tranquilty.  Not only does Walk in Wardrobe benefit from Louise bringing new customers to the boutique, but Louise also benefits from the boutique sending customers to her for beauty treatments.  Fashion and beauty work very well together and brings a new, more personal touch to the business. Another aspect that I love about the boutique is that you can hire most items which allows customers to find new outfits for special occasions and not have the problem of not wearing them again and at the same time you won’t be breaking the bank!

Overall I feel that I have had a full experience of what the industry is like. I have found that hoovering and cleaning is only normal but also helping someone find their next new favourite is all part of the job; therefore I have experienced it all. I am extremely thankful to Katie for allowing me to help her (I hope) for the week, additionally Leah both for giving me such a happy, exciting and helpful week. But to conclude, over the past week I have found that I now know exactly where I shall be getting my prom dress and other outfits for all kinds of occasions, because why would I want to go anywhere else? Especially when I know I can get the best clothes at the best prices with the best quality and above all the best look!

Work Experience at Walk in Wardrobe 2013

I’ve never really known exactly what prom dress I would like for my prom until I started my work experience at Walk In Wardrobe. The choices of dresses that this unique boutique provides beats any other dress shop in Brighton and Hove.  They have short dresses, long dresses, midi dresses, pencil dresses, maxi dresses and many other styles which you cannot find anywhere else apart from Walk In Wardrobe. I now know exactly what dress I would like for my prom next year; a backless, floor-length, long sleeved garment which has been inspired by the dresses at Walk In Wardrobe.

Thanks to my work experience here, I now fully understand how a boutique is run and what efforts are needed to create a successful business.  I have seen Katie make many different sales to many different customers, and as different events pop up, the sales are only going to increase.  From what I have experienced, customers feel very comfortable whilst choosing a dress for whatever event they are going to, and if a customer needs help, there is always somebody to help them out, and I was pleased to also have the chance to help out customers whilst on my work experience.  I have enjoyed this factor a lot as I love to see customers with a smile on their face and knowing that you have made them feel happy and special in their new dress.  I am also always intrigued as to what the customer will look like in the dress that they have chosen.

Another factor I have loved about doing my work experience here is that I have taken part in different photo shoots, taking images of different products that need to be listed on the Walk in Wardrobe website.  I loved this part as I had access to the exclusive photo studio in the basement part of the boutique which gave me the opportunity to take professional images.  I have learnt a lot from taking these types of photos and I now know how to present different items of clothing to potential customers browsing on the internet.  I also feel that I have been trusted with this type of equipment and that I have received  a lot of respect since working at Walk In Wardrobe.

By doing my work experience at Walk in Wardrobe, I have learnt a lot about the world of work that I didn’t know before and it has made me eager to start working as soon as possible.  Overall, I have loved my work experience here and am very thankful to both Katie and Leah for helping me with the whole experience and making me feel very welcome.

Written by Grace from Cardinal Newman