Masked Ball

Exquisite Venetian masks for your Masquerade Ball!

Swarovski covered luxury mask

Everyone wants that special night out with a magical feel where fantasy can meet reality.  Masked balls are becoming increasingly popular and are a fabulous way of being part of a magical, fairytale evening.

The popularity of masked balls began in the 18th century and has remained strong to this day.  In the olden days, these masks guaranteed the wearer anonymity, meaning that aristocrats could party with peasants, make shifty conspiracies, or indulge themselves in secret romantic liaisons!  In today’s world, masquerade balls are all about having fun with fashion and partying the night away.  Over the past few weeks we had customers at the boutique looking for masks to hire and buy for their Halloween parties, University parties, charity events, corporate events and even birthday parties!

Ostrich feather plume mask

Once again at Walk in Wardrobe, we have gone out of our way to source the most show stopping, gorgeous masks direct from Venice.  These masquerade masks are striking with their jewels and feather plumes, are completely over the top and guaranteed to make you feel as glamorous and mysterious as an Edgar Allen Poe character!

Whichever mask you decide to go for, make sure you feel comfortable and have also got a glitzy dress to compliment it.  Just think, when you go to a masked ball you are keeping alive one of the most truly glamorous, centuries old traditions, and long may it survive!