Heat Wave Fashion 2015

It appears that we are finally in a heat wave in the UK (touch wood!). To be frank, no matter how divine you are as a creature, that sweat is at some point going to emerge on your brow. Nevertheless, that chic, a la mode look is still attainable, even throughout this heat. Here are our top tips for keeping cool and classy throughout this summer:

Brightly coloured kaftan

Full length summer kaftan





Loose Clothing 

Wearing as little clothing as possible doesn’t necessarily mean that you will feel cooler. The trick is to cover up a bit and wear loose clothing which will allow air to flow around your body. This extra layer will also protect your skin from the sun (big bonus if you are prone to sun burn!) as it will provide you with some shade as you waft about like a summer goddess. Kaftan tops are a gorgeous addition to any summer wardrobe, giving you the practical benefits of keeping cool whilst also looking amazing. If you are a lady who likes to hide her arms, kaftans are also a real boon!

This stunning full length kaftan to the right fuses bold, bright summer colours with an exotic print. As it is 100% silk, it is a natural fiber which is perfect for the hot summer months due to the fact that it is super breathable and helps you to maintain a natural temperature.




Capri pants

Capri pants





Capri pants

Capri pants (aka cropped trousers) are fabulous if you want to stay cool but not show off too much leg. Try to make sure that you get capri pants which finish in between the knee and ankle (a good length is pictured left). Tight fitting capri pants are best for a modern look.

Pictured left are our capri style pants which look great with loose fitting boho tunic tops for a contemporary, modern look. Our capri pants come in a gorgeous array of colours such as fuchsia, navy blue, black, white and dove grey.






Printed summer jumpsuit

Printed summer jumpsuit





Sleeveless jumpsuits are very much in fashion this summer 2015. Pictured right is a fabulous style we have at the boutique and is a relaxed yet classy jumpsuit with a fabulous print. What I particularly love about this style is it’s versatility. It can be dressed down for the day time, coupled with a belt or just wear it as is, and for the evening time, jazz it up with a few blingy accessories for a classy and sophisticated look. You can even add a cropped jacket if you are going to a more formal evening party to make it look a bit smarter.




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